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ADVICE PLEASE: How do you handle commissions

(Sudouglas) #1

I have been asked to create a set of wall hangings for a customer in the US. I have every thing I need to complete the work, but I am unsure on how to protect myself and put the sale through my shop smoothly.

I am minded to make a commission listing for my customer and get her to purchase using that. I can then be really clear on what to expect, size etc.

I am also minded to add to the cost as this is a commission and to make the charge non-refundable up front? It is not a kings ransom but it will require me to use expensive stock to fulfill the order.

Sorry if I am rambling, but pretty new to this and I want to get it right first time.

Thank you


(Brenda Cumming) #2

Morning Su…well done (xx)…make sure you get a deposit up front…not quite sure how you do this on here…someone will give you advice…I am sure it is possible…
You need a deposit because your work is unique and inspired and so it will be difficult for you to know exactly what your customer requires… I wonder if you can send them a paypal invoice for your materials up front and then put the balance as the folksy charge? I am not sure if that would be allowed or not…
Well done xx

(Sudouglas) #3

Thank you I am really pleased.

Ideally I want to put it through my shop so that others can see the Sale and know that commissions are possible.

I will get a deposit upfront for the materials and the rest will be my time.

(Lois Bell) #4

Personally I’d have a really specific, detailed commission specification between you and your buyer. I’d do a listing on Folksy listing all the details, etc, and ask them to buy it. It just means they’re clear, and you’re clear, about exactly what you are providing and what they’ve ordered. Whenever I’ve come unstuck with a commission, it’s because I’ve omitted one of my steps and it’s been left open to interpretation. Don’t be unclear about anything.

I do a lot of commissions for the dressmaking, and always get the full cost of materials upfront, and a little (20% or so) of the labour cost as well. This is non-refundable and it states this clearly and openly in the contract I get clients to sign. The signed contract and payment of the deposit is my signal to “go”. Nothing happens until that’s been done. I also have a clause in the contract that states, once they’ve signed it and told me to begin work, that they are liable for the full cost of the commission, irrespective of whether they like it or not. As long as I’ve done exactly what the specification said I would do, then there’s no wriggling out of it and leaving me with a made to measure ball gown in puke green that nobody else would ever buy.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

I guess you could try a special listing a 2 part listing.

Entitled Private listing for customer (insert their first name) part 1non returnable deposit.

That one description showing materials to be used. With a big notice this a listing only for said customer if anyone buys this by accident their monies will be refunded.

Then when it’s ready Private listing for customer part II finale invoice

With the finale photo’s of finished items. And the disclaimer again about if someone else pays you’ll refund them.

I would as you put the first listing up email your customer with the URL to it and do the same when you get to the Second listing.

(Kim Blythe) #6

I’ve done a few commissions through Folksy and just create a custom listing and get full payment before I start, like this one.

I have also done higher priced ones were I have taken a 50% non refundable deposit before starting the work wit the remainder paid on completion of the work, but prior to posting, like these:

All details of the deposit, sale and details of work were all discussed at length in emails as well prior to any payment being taken.
I let the customer know when I have created the listing and send them the link in an email


(Susan Bonnar) #7

I have taken album commissions on here and ask for payment upfront as I have been let down in the past with customers vanishing after paying a deposit which leaves you hanging!

I also send photos as work in progress so they can see their commission being created. I also do a photo of the finished item and check they are 100% happy before packing up to ship.

Finally I would make sure I sent tracked and signed for to the USA just in case! I recently had some orders held up in Texas for 2 weeks for no reason!

Well done on your commission :slight_smile:

(Sudouglas) #8


Thank you for taking the time to post, this is exactly what I thought I could do but wanted to check with others first.

I really appreciate your help.

Su xx

(Kim Blythe) #9

You’re very welcome.:smiley:

(Camilla) #10

There is an article on the blog about custom orders that might be useful Su >

(Brenda Cumming) #11

Su, hope you are keeping well (xx)
Since you have the plus account, you have nothing to lose by listing a couple of Custom “made to order” listings…and explain in the write up exactly what the person would be listing and what information is required for you to complete the item.
I expect you could also put an “estimated” price on the title and ask customers to contact you for further information.
If someone on social media asks me to make something, I always make them go through Folksy, as it is a sort of safety barrier for you and they take care of the paypal etc…
Folksy can also be a good way to show items as in a portfolio…perhaps with the title…".have something similar made just for you!"
Lovely pic of you in your shop…nice tidy studio…(i won’t tell…ha ha)

(Sudouglas) #12

I have made to successful custom order listings. Thank to everyone for your help.

(WoolyAngel) #13

Discuss with your Client - Exactly what she wants , colour size etc.
Commissions can be tricky as Clients will have thoughts of exactly what, I send a confirmation of emails to them of their requirements. Then get to work purchasing materials. Bear in mind if you haven’t managed to get what they "Think they have paid for ".
*Make sure they get Postal Insurance, make that a condition of Sale. *You should also purshase Product Liability Insurance, I normally ask for a deposit of 50%, But this hey do pay upfront is a Face to Face Craft Fair.
Then when i deliver the rest is paid if they dont like they have lost their deposit.
However now we have Camera’s on our phones, so its possible for you to send photo’s as you proceed.