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Advice please?

(PaintedLadyGifts) #1

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to Folksy and I have been working hard to get my shop up and running. I know that everyone is really busy but I would appreciate it if people could take a quick peek at my shop and see what they think about anything and everything in the shop. I will admit now that I know the photos aren’t brilliant but after lots of research, fiddling with camera settings, adjusting photos on the computer etc this is the best I have come up with. I also know that I need to add more items to my shop but the product photography has rather taken over recently so I haven’t had time to make anything else. Thank you.


(Roz) #2

I think your items are lovely and your photographs are not that bad, I should imagine your items are hard to photograph. If you can think of any more tags to add it may help you get found (we are allowed 15). Maybe a picture of the sun catchers hanging in a window might be nice although if your view is anything like mine then maybe not!

Now your shop is set up it is promote, promote, promote to drive people to your items and as you already realise a few more items in your shop will help.

Good luck

(Dawn Sneesby) #3

Hello Elizabeth and welcome. First of all you have lovely items in your shop and they are very reasonably priced, I’m sure you will have no trouble selling them. Your photos are very crisp and clear, could perhaps just need a little lightening to make the colours really stand out. Good luck with everything, but I am sure you will sell fairly easily.


(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

There is something missing in your descriptions or just not clear.

Are they painted onto acrylic or glass? I was unable to decide if you meant acrylic paint on glass which would not be waterproof or if it was paint on acrylic which would also not be waterproof.

So how would you care for them ie how to you clean them and keep the lovely designs permanent?

Are they on glass with a good quality glass paint and then fired to make them waterproof?

Sorry I have questions as I couldn’t really work out from the listings.

I was trying to look from the point of a buyer only as for a buyer only has our descriptions, titles and photo’s to go by.

(PaintedLadyGifts) #5

Yes I see what you mean Eileenscraftstudio. The suncatchers are made from a sheet of acrylic which then has a design painted onto it with solvent based glass paints and according to the paint company it does not need firing it just air dries to a hard consistency. The suncatchers can be wiped over with a damp cloth or just ‘polished’ with a dry chami cloth but I would need to advise people not to use cleaning fluids as some would damage the paint/design. I have explained in the ‘Buying from me’ section how I make them but if people don’t look at that it could be confusing. I think I will have to put more information in the product descriptions. Hope all this makes sense and thank you for the feedback, I find it hard describing my items without repeating myself so it is good to have fresh eyes looking at it.

(Karen Nelson) #6

I think your sun catchers are lovely. I once did a craft fair with a lady that made these and the pet ones she did were very popular. Good Luck with your shop.

(Janet Walker) #7

Hi ya,

Lovely products you created. Like another person said your images need a bit of lighting. As you only have 8 images in your shop at present I am offering my brightness services for free to you. You can read my page here: link removed by me.

If you would like me to do your images. I can either download them from your shop (with your permission) or you can email me them.
I will brighten them and email them back to you.

I don’t offer this service often as I am always booked up. However I saw that you are starting out, and want to help. If interested let me know which way I will get your images and provide your email address.
oh Its totally fine if you don’t to accept too :smile:
Blessings Janet

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8


I don’t think you’re allowed to advertise you own site on Folky.

(Janet Walker) #9

I wasn’t advertising, I wanted to show you the page, so you knew what i was talking abouit. But I will remove the link anyway

(PaintedLadyGifts) #10


Thank you so much for your offer, it is very much appreciated but to be honest I want to try and learn how to improve my photos myself. I hope that you don’t think I am being ungrateful but I am hoping to put plenty more products onto my shop and I really need to learn how to improve the photos myself so that I can do it consistently for future products. It was an incredibly kind offer and I am genuinely grateful so I really hope that I don’t cause any advice by turning the offer down. Also apologies for taking so long to reply.


(Janet Walker) #11

Hi ya

No I don’t think you are ungrateful. Actually I love a business owner who likes to get her hands dirty. I had to learn to do it myself at some point too, so I fully understand where you coming from.

Wishing you all the best in your business

Blessings Janet