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Advice Required

(Kate Adams) #1

I make handmade soya wax candles and wax melts, which I currently sell on my Folksy shop. I would like to put together gift boxes for people to purchase for Christmas presents and include an oil burner, along with my own handmade products. Obviously the oil burners I would like to include would be purchased by me and then included in the gift box, rather than handmade by me (my pottery skills are non-existent). Does anyone know whether this is allowed on Folksy?


Thank you
Kate x

(Roz) #2

I would think if the item is relevant to the gift pack and that pack is mainly about your handmade goods then it probably OK, after all I sell covered notebooks and I don’t make the notebooks myself! Probably best to check directly with folksy though - easiest done by email rather than on the forums, then you will get a direct reply.

(Kate Adams) #3

Thank you Roz…I will drop them an email :blush:

The oil burner is relevant, there is nothing worse than buying someone wax melts as a Christmas gift only to find out they don’t have an oil burner! :confused: I have sold quite a lot of gift boxes including an oil burner, privately away from Folksy and they have proved very popular.

Kate x