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Alternative therapy what do you think?

(Gill Wootton) #1

Has anyone tried any alternative therapies and what did you think of them. Like many other crafters who seem to suffer for their art i.e. dodgy wrists,fingers,shoulders,necks etc. I am suffering with neck problems which make my head tingle and ache as if there is a brick on top of it and my feet permanently tingle too. My GP says it is age related wear and tear, prescribed ibuprofen and paracetamol and is very reluctant to refer me to a specialist. The ibuprofen only helps a little I use it sparingly as it conflicts with other medication and messes up my hair. I have had physio and do the exercises suggested which again only help a little.
I am now thinking of trying an alternative therapy maybe reflexology or hypnotherapy etc. to try and get some respite. It is at a cost and not cheap so was wondering what other long suffering crafters think of them which have you tried were they helpful or a waste of money really interested to hear from you.
Gill x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I used to work in pharma so I’m a bit of a cynic and take all the claims made by alternative therapies with a large pinch of salt. However over the years I have tried Alexander Technique and osteopathy, I’m also a firm believer in pilates and yoga to generally counter act the abuse I subject my body to. The Alexander Technique was to help sort out issues with my neck/ upper back and worked well - the muscles were going into spasm and pulling everything out of alignment so the gentle manipulation and realignment was what I needed. The osteopathy was to help manage the random muscularskeletal problems I was having whilst the doctors figured out what was wrong with me, turned out to be a tumour which the osteopathy was never going to cure but it did help manage the symptoms (muscle spasms in my lower back/ pelvis leading to sciatica and sciatic like pain).
You might need to try a few to find the one that works for you or keep badgering the GP for a referal to a specialist.

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(Bizzy Liz) #3

It’s a huge subject but I would check B12 and Vitamin D levels. I was low in both, pain etc improved when my levels came up. BUT, you shouldn’t supplement without getting a clearer picture first.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Try looking at how you sit and work and try making sure you’re not in one position for long periods as that puts pressure on different parts of your body.

I have to be aware I don’t do flinderly things for too long such as hand sewing, or crochet or knitting as I’ll get repeative strain injury.

So often we damage parts of our bodies due to this and not siting properly, lifting properly etc etc.

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(Donna) #5

I was recently given an Apple Watch which beeps at me when I sit still for too long to make me get up and move. I’ve had it now for 3 months and have notice a huge reduction in the neck and back pain I used to suffer from sitting at the sewing machine or laptop for too long. I have also lost a stone in weight and reduced the circulation problems I have in my hands and made a huge difference in my general health. Something similar might help.

(Brenda Cumming) #6

You should go to youtube and search EFT
Emotional Freedom Techniques.
It is tapping on the accupuncture points…so it is like accupuncture without the needles.
I will say straight away that because it is NON evasive it can go hand in hand with any medical treatments and will not do any harm.
You can do it yourself without paying any money .
Paul McKenna uses it for phobia and minor medical problems.
I have cured people from smoking using it and trust me I was as amazed as they were !
My neighbour saved herself from surgery using it…it is worth a try and only takes a few minutes a day…
There will of course be the cynics and it is NOT a promise of success on anything but you have nothing to lose…but I have seen some excellent results from it…even used by nurses in hospitals.

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(Lois Bell) #7

I see a sports massage therapist - he gets pops out of my spine like no-one else can and loosens off the tension in my shoulder blades. I know you’ve seen a physio, so perhaps that’s covered already.

(Lois Bell) #8

Oh I forgot - hubby is a gardener and absolutely swears by reflexology.

He goes once every two months and she and the sports therapy guy both keep him moving (like an old man at times, but moving nonetheless).

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(Gill Wootton) #9

Thank you so much everyone for all your helpful views, info and advice you have certainly given me lots to research and think about. I know I should be more assertive and persistent with my GP but find that easy to say and hard to do I find myself apologising for being a nuisance perhaps I need ‘a how to be more assertive course’ instead

Gill x

(Liz Clark) #10

I have had hypnotherapy and acupuncture for anxiety and depression (so different to you). Both worked to an extent, in that both forced me to take time out and focus on my well being rather than worrying so much (I now see a psychotherapist and have been for 2.5yrs and that has helped enormously!). My sister tried homeopathy, and that didn’t do much for her.

I think the message from alternative therapy is to be kind to yourself, look after yourself, both mentally and physically. And if you have found that what your GP has prescribed is not working, go back and request to see the specialist. You deserve to see someone who can help you.

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(Cate van Alphen) #11

Are you sitting next to electrical or wireless transmitting equipment (e.g. modem) when you get the tingles?

(Gill Wootton) #12

No I have the tingling all of the time no matter where I am.