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Am#zon hand made

Did anyone sign up? Sell anything? Is it actually free for first free months for their monthly fee subscription?

No I didn’t, and don’t intend to. Not sure how profitable it would be, going by the stories going around.

I didn’t sign up but I do know someone was surprised by how high the commission was on what they did sell (my understanding is that you don’t have to pay the fixed fee for the first few months but you do have to pay the commission). I’d be interested in what other’s selling experiences are of that platform but I know that the folksy bods don’t like us openly discussing other selling platforms so we shall need to be discrete.

Oh sorry if get anyone told off. Yeah i was just wondering as its been around for a while now, i took a peak as a buyer and searching wasn’t very easy and then items totally unrelated were coming up. I do understand not promoting other sites, not my intention to do so. It doesnt seem like something suited to handmade as a home crafter. More a site for mass produced hand made things…if that makes sense to anyone else but me lol

I’d not touch it with a barge pole.

Try reading this

Just to add if you’re item doesn’t reach a customer in the time frame Amazon states they hold on to your money up to 4weeks also if you don’t post in the time they say they’ll hold on to your money. So if your doing commission work your on a loser.

an interesting read there thanks.