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Selling handmade on Amazon

(Jackiepc) #1

Just wanted to know has anyone tried selling their handmade things on Amazon and was it a sucess

(Stephanie Guy) #2

I would never think of searching for handmade on Amazon, and probably would assume that anything that said it was handmade on there isn’t really handmade and was at best hand finished. Odd, I know, as If I think about it then of course it’s no different to eBay and I occasionally sell on there. It’s just my instinctive gut feeling.

(Leslie Morton) #3

@jackiepc. I am afraid I am with Stephanie on this. I shop on Amazon for things I want inexpensively - books, supplies, tools, etc. I would never think to look for handmade or OOAK items. I don’t think their platform supports it, either. I think there are definitely better choices out there as an alternative to Folksy.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #4

It’s interesting, isn’t it?!..I wouldn’t think of buying an embroidery kit on Amazon, but if it is cheap and non commital enough, why not give it a go for a trial period! Never underestimate a market!!! I do very very well on Ebay.xx

(Stephanie Guy) #5

@MaggieGeeNeedleworkStudio I think kits are a different market, I probably would look for one of those on amazon.

@jackiepc I did a double take there, I read your shop name as “Pricey Keepsake Blankets” lol

(Lynne Wye) #6

Hello, I used to sell on Amazon for a period last year…I did sell a fair amount, but the fees are very high and I had to invest in unique barcodes which cost me around £100…I also found that it wasn’t the easiest interface to load up my stock…