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Any advice welcome

Hello Debbie, I know exactly how you feel, and closed my shop because it wasn’t working, only to reopen it with new images, and less items, and as much as possible a white or plain background. I think your jewellery is lovely, and I love the textured backgrounds you have used to make it interesting, but can sometimes detract from the item itself. I did the same, and thought my photos whilst not perfect, showed a particular lifestyle. What I have noticed is that the shops, including my own website, that do best have a lot of space around the item. I have spent a fortune in time and money to get the photos right, ( still not as I would like them yet) this is an art in itself. Professional photo shoots are expensive, and only work if you have large numbers of one item. I still have problems, work on them as I go along, changing images at regular intervals, and I know it will come right. I don’t know if this is any help at all, but I think it’s worth persevering. Lots of Luck, Gloria :slight_smile:

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HI Gloria

Yes I think photographing is the hardest part and I know what you mean about the backgrounds have tried all sorts to have tried plain and looked awful with some pieces and OK with others very frustrating think we all need a photography friend :smiley:
Your shop is lovely I have an obsession with Hares and am sure you will do well your pics are excellent to.
Wish you lots of luck to.

Thank you Debbie. x

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Hi Debbie

Your photos are perfectly fine! One of Folksy’s best sellers has product photos that (in my opinion) are far too ‘busy’ with colour and other objects that it’s difficult to see what they are actually selling! Seems to work for them though…

As others have said, promotion is the key, but you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time to it.

Ironically, my day job is as an online community manager for a large organisation and you’d have thought this would transfer itself to my extra curricular activities too wouldn’t you? Unfortunately I simply can’t find the time to practice what I preach… :blush:

The saying ‘build it and they will come’ does not translate to the online world I’m afraid. You need to promote, promote and promote again in order to get an audience. And then when you have them, you need to work just as hard to retain them too otherwise they’ll go elsewhere!

And don’t forget your ‘offline’ marketing too! There’s a lot to be said for some good old fashioned ‘word of mouth’ and leaflet drops. I’ve created some posters and put them up at my place of work. Not only has this resulted in some sales (albeit ‘off Folksy’) but now I’m known as the ‘go to’ person if you’re looking for a present. Handy for Secret Santa presents in the run up to Christmas… :gift:

And just one small thing, be mindful of your spelling as bad spelling can put people off buying from you too… It’s Pendant (noun) not Pendent (adjective) :wink:

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Hi Debbie,

You got some great advice, the ladies are sooo helpful. I went trough the same thing a few weeks ago and they helped me a lot. Especially to push myself a bit harder.
Your items are amazing, but got to agree some of them a bit dark and some of the earrings been photographed from a strange angle so it looks like they are bending. But there is a few which hanging down from a cord/string, i like those photos:) Not sure if you are advertising on social media? Facebook, pinterest, instagram? Also haven’t checked if you added tags to your listings, it’s a fairly new thing on folksy and helps a lot to be found:)

I will need to say what other recommended for me, maybe stick to the shop until end of the year, hoping things picking up for Christmas and if it doesn’t work after neither then you can tell at least that you gave a good chance for this to work out:) Wish you a LOT of luck! Sometimes it is all depends on that, if people finding you then you’re fine because your items are lovely:)

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your photos or products, they are perfectly fine. However, I don’t think your titles are helping very much - some of them are very vague (e.g. charm bangle) and do not mention silver, hallmarked silver or sterling silver, all of which are good selling points especially at the higher prices. Without those words, I’d assume they were just expensive costume jewellery!

Another thing I notice with your titles - there are a few spelling mistakes (e.g. pendent, should be pendant) and ‘necklace’ was also mis-spelt on one item, which means they won’t get found on searches, unless the person searching also spells them wrong! You also have a mix of upper/lower case letters on your titles, which won’t affect searches but does look a bit strange. It’s best to decide on a format and use it consistently, I think.

Your jewellery is lovely though, and should do well, so keep going.

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Hi Dayzee

Thank you for your advice yes got to get to work on promoting do struggle with this.
I can not spell to save my life and use spell check but it didn’t pick that one up so will change that latter tonight thank you need a proofreader I think :smiley:
Wishing you lots of luck to.
Debbie. x

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HI Nobias art

Yes everyone has been so helpful and will get to work on everything soon as going to take me a while.
I didn’t know about the tags until earlier mentioned so very glad I posted.
Hope things pick up for you to.
Lots of luck, Debbie x

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Hi Christine

Thank you for your help will look at my titles, I never knew about the lower and upper case lettering so will change that and I can not believe I have done the pendant wording wrong silly me I do get a family member to check my spelling as it is very bad at times but they missed those things so thank you it does help it look professional so know how important it is.
Unfortunately I have a illness that affects my cognitive ability well that’s my excuse :smiley: so find things a little more challenging but will get there in the end and have lots to get on with now.

Thank you so much for your help.
Debbie. x

Your items are lovely :grinning:

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So sorry if this has already been mentioned (I got about half way through the replies!) but looking at your shop front the first thing I notice is your shop titles - as a potential customer I like to see a bit more information in the title - particularly if they are sterling silver. If I was browsing for sterling silver via a search, I’m more likely to only click on the items that tell me right away they are silver and will probably assume anything else is costume jewellery.

Your photos look great but perhaps you could add one or two images (within the listings) of the items being worn so customers can see what it looks like on a person?

Hope that helps a little?

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I think your shop looks really lovely and your photo’s are great. I think the issue is that you are simply not being found, hopefully adding tags will help. If it was me, I would also change all your titles so that they have the word ‘silver’ in them. Your jewellery is quite high value (and so they should be) so I think you need to add the word ‘silver’ in the title in order to explain the higher price to the customer.
Then I would promote your shop on social media. I truly believe that promoting on social media should not be all about you and your products. 70% of your posts, tweets etc should be chatty, retweeting people, sharing FB posts etc (but don’t just retweet and share other peoples sales tweets etc) Only 30% of your tweets, posts etc should be about what you are selling. Online Marketing for your Craft Business by Hilary Pullen is a great book and the Folksy blog have some great tips on social media


I was going to say the same, that hallmarked would be good in the title. I think your items are lovely but perhaps you could reduce the prices a little on some items and see if u get more views. I will share some of your listings as well x

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Hi Ali

Thank you for advice have added silver to my titles. Yes need to get the hang of twitter find it very confusing.Will have a look at the tips/blogs you have mentioned.
Thank you Debbie. x