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Can I get Feedback Please?

Hello fellow Folksy users :grinning:
I started my jewellery as a business in January this year. I have tried different avenues for selling my product and have made a few sales at craft fairs and through friends but I’m still waiting for that illusive first online sale. I would very much appreciate any feedback on my shop and my items from other sellers to help me improve my sales.
Thanks x

Welcome to Folksy @sassylasscreations your jewellery is lovely but you will have to promote your shop to get traffic. You may already be doing this through Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. The only thing I could say if you want honest criticism is your photos seem a bit too dark with the red background, I am constantly changing my photos to try and get better images and I think everyone with an online shop find this the most difficult part. Also try and fill in your Meet the Maker section and tell your potential customers a little about yourself.

Good luck with your shop.

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I agree with @dawnsneesbyjewellery the red is a bit “boudoire” . I’m not keen and it would put me off as a buyer. But yes photographing your work, especially jewellery is really hard I have re-done mine several times over the years.
Good luck sales will come!

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Thank you x

Have to agree regarding the red - it overpowers the whole photo and some of your silver jewellery even has a red tint to it. I know its hard work but I’m afraid more photography is the only way to go. I think a paler background with your black displays would work best but what do I know - I have just spent 2 days re photographing all my scarves so I know its a big ask but its worth it if you can get it right.

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I did wonder about the red back grounds after reading what other sellers have done with their photos. Looks like I’ll be re taking pictures this weekend :grinning:
Thank you all for your feedback it’s very much appreciated x

Yes, that red is a bit too much I’m afraid, it really doesn’t show off your jewellery very well. A few of the photos are a bit blurry too, especially when they are enlarged.

I personally prefer a clean, fairly plain background (check out some of the other jewellery shops on here, especially the best-selling ones, for ideas) and take the time to get at least one really good, sharp photo for each item. Then you can gradually replace them all. If you’re using a macro/close-up setting on your camera, try using a tripod or rest the camera on a solid base to prevent camera shake.

We all struggle with photos, it’s the hardest thing to get right. Keep persevering…you’ll get there!

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When selling online the customer cannot handle the product so is reliant on our photos and description - we need to make these as good as possible in order to tempt them into parting with their cash. I’ll back up the others on the red and black background - too over powering and in some cases it looks like your camera is struggling with exposure because of the contrast between the piece and the background. Bloggers and the gift guides prefer a more neutral back ground as well (apparently).
With your descriptions you are lacking measurements - how long are earrings? Are the findings hypoallergenic/ nickel free? What is the length/ drop on a necklace? Are bracelets on elastic or do they have a clasp?
Finally - jewellery is a very crowded category with lots of choice for people, it take persistence and patience to get your shop going.
Good luck

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@SassyLassCreations I have to agree with everyone on the red, could you try photographing your jewellery whilst someone is wearing it? just a thought so that potential buyers could see what it might look like on them x

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I have to agree…I found the red background a bit hard on the eyes.
I popped over to your Facebook page too and I would suggest that underneath the pictures you have posted, in the comments box, you post a link to the item page in your Folksy shop. People can then click on the link and go straight to it…

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I have to agree with everyone with the red background, with photos I think it does take practice I found I get better pictures with taking the flash off the camera inside and in front of a window

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Honestly can’t thank people enough for this feedback an I will take on board everything that has been said. It’s good to know that it’s not the actual jewellery but the way I’ve displayed it that is putting people off :grinning: x


It’s definitely the background. Your jewellery is lovely but I found the red a bit too much too. New photos on a lighter background will really help.

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Please lose the red. I can’t see past it to what I am sure are your beautiful pieces.

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Ok so I’ve started making changes to my photos
What do you think? I think they look much better. There’s still work to be done but it’s a start x
Thanks to everyone for the advice

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It’s much better than the red, but the necklace still takes a back seat, it looks like the lighting is completely missing the necklace whilst the props are showing up nicely, I would take a simple photo of just the necklace, and then others of close up of the beads and another of the clasp, but that’s just me, if I saw this, personally it wouldn’t grab my attention enough to take a second look, well, you did ask, sorry :confused:

Oh, I’ve just noticed the earrings too! Think that says everything!

Please remember that folksy crops the first image for a listing to square when it shows it on our shop fronts and in search results. With that image as it currently is I think it will trim off bits at the sides so you potentially loose part of the necklace - the entire image would be visible when someone clicks onto the listing but I’m not sure how many people would click through if they don’t see all the necklace on the thumbnail. Is it possible to rearrange the props so that the necklace/ earrings are central to the shot so when it gets cropped you don’t loose any of the important bits?
I’d also back up what Sue has said about the lighting looking like its been optimised for the props rather than the jewellery.

Definitely an improvement, but must agree with Sue, my eye is drawn to the glasses rather than the necklace.

Yes, I’m not sure what the candles/glasses are doing there, other than distracting me from the necklace. Make the necklace the focal point, improve the lighting on the necklace and ditch most of the other props. The petals are a nice touch, but make sure they don’t distract the eye away from the products.

Still, it’s a vast improvement on the red background :slight_smile: