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Have you got any advice for me please with my fairly new shop?

Morning all, I’m relatively new to Folksy and have recently uploaded lots with the Free Listings offer (Thanks Folksy!) .Folksy’s a big world (but not as big as that other site I’m also on) so wanted to have a go here.

I had a couple of sales when I first opened a couple of months ago but it all seems to have dried up. I do try to take part in the showcase forums when I can to raise awareness but it’s not really resulting in sales.

If anyone’s got any time, would they be able to look over my shop please - ? Any advice or comments gratefully received - positive or negative is fine! Have I laid things out properly in a way that’s attractive, are the photos and descriptions ok? I try to use all the tags but maybe I’m not using the right ones?

Thanks so much - would appreciate any feedback… Liz

You might want to have pendent or bracelet as your first words in your tags and descriptions

Where to you promote your listings and how often as that’s extremely important on Folksy to promote, promote and promote again outside of folksy on as many different social media platforms as you can manage.


There’s a lot of info on the Folksy Blog about how to use social media to get noticed: (see right hand side panel for more tips for your shop)

Your FB page points to your other shop, so bear that in mind when comparing sales across platforms.


Jewellery (especially priced under £25) is a very competative area on all the selling platforms, it takes time and promotion to become established and sell well. Don’t get disheartened and stick with it.

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Thank you Eileen - will adjust the tags and look into the blog posting that has also been suggested.

Just clicked on the blog link … oh my, there’s so much info there. I will have a good read. Thank you for pointing me towards it. Also thanks for spotting about the Other Site on my Facebook page. The Folksy shop was there in my long description but have changed it now so it flags up immediately.

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