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Any Nick Drake fans here?

(Sarah Lambert) #1

I 've been reminded of him this year by the Boots the Chemist ad which is sung by someone called Alexi Murdoch who seems to have passed me by for a some reason. It’s actually quite nice that someone sounds a little like him I think. Gives me a warm feeling that Nick left a great legacy with his music.

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

OMG!! yes me. I have about 3 albums. Havnt listened to them for a while(shame on me) but his songs are amazing, love the strings in Riverman.

(Sarah Lambert) #3

Aw great to find another Nick fan :slight_smile: Yes, Riverman is wonderful, especially in the summer.

(Grimm Exhibition) #4

I learnt of him from an ex bf. He made me a tape, 4 songs stood out, 3 where ND (the other was Cherry Moon by Prince) and Ive been hooked since.
I read a great biog by Patrick Humphries, worth a read.

(Sarah Lambert) #5

Yes I’ve got that biography, really sad how he was so shy of performing. I just think he was born at the wrong time, but you hear his music all the time now don’t you ?

(Aileen Clarke) #6

Me! Discovered Nick Drake while at art college many years ago. Love John Martyn too who dedicated Solid Air to Nick