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R.I.P David Bowie

I’m sitting here listening to some vintage Bowie. We really have lost a ledgend today :cry:


He was my fave pop star of all time, always will be . RIP David xx


It’s so sad. He’s always been one of my all time favourite’s. What a legend.

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So sad he was a genius

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I grew up listening to him in the 80’s he was the soundtrack to the big part of my childhood, and the film labyrinth was one of my favourites. Even though it used to scare me half to death lol

So sad we have lost one of our iconic music legends, RIP David you will be sorely missed.

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A huge loss. He was unique, and will be sorely missed. :cry:

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When did that happen???

I never liked his music myself but he clearly should have done far more acting than he did. I’ve seen everything he’s been in.

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You kind of think they will live forever
I seen him in Rotterdam when he was touring with UB40, I think it was Serious Moonlight Tour. It was in the 80s. Should still have the programme somewhere.
Was a long way to go to see him, but defiantly worth it.
Sad loss, very sad. :heart:

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Too soon. A sad day. He will be missed but his music will live on.

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So very sad, RIP David

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RIP David, listened to you from the beginning x

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A very sad loss. He was a large part of my youth. I was lucky enough to see him perform live at Live Aid, Wembley in 1985 and it was an experience I will never forget. He will live on through his music.


A true original.

Sam x

Space oddity is often a song stuck in my head. And many of his were today. Really really sad! I thought the Goblin King would live forever!
I respect him for just doing what he wanted- and not caring what the world thought. I think we need more of that- you only live once- if you want to dress in a crazy way or dye your hair purple, blue and green or paint an awesome painting well then you should!
He taught us that you could and the world still spins!

He won’t be forgotten.

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He used to live in my hometown. Such sad news :cry:

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Loved him from the early 70s and love him still. So sad he’s gone. He was extraordinary.

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So sad. I’ve listened to him since the early 70s. As well as leaving us his ground breaking music, he’s left us the belief in the importance of creativity and not being afraid to be ourselves, dare to be different and to follow your creative heart. RIP Mr Bowie. Gone but never forgotten.


There was something very alive about him. I always imagined he would live until he was very old and shower us with wisdom for a long time.