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Any runners out there?

(Helen Dale) #1

Never thought I’d see myself write that heading on a message! But I’m looking for some advice and figured I may as well try here first. I’ve been running for about 6 months doing small 3 mile runs 3 times a week. Recently I’ve started to get some pain in my achilles after I’ve been sitting for a while. I don’t really want to stop the running completely (would mean I’d have to eat less and running is my preferred option to dieting, believe it or not!), but wondered if anyone had had similar and could offer any advice?

Obviously if I just stuck to the sewing machine, none of this Oswald ever have happened! That’ll teach me.

(Linda Wild) #2

Sorry Helen, can’t help you there. I’ve never been any good at running - completely the wrong build. I was always small and flexible (not so much now though :wink: ), and short legs don’t make for good runners.

(Helen Dale) #3

Never said I was good at it! Trust me, Long legs don’t necessarily make for good runners either - according to MrHbyH my gait is somewhat ‘unusual’ - probably just as well I can’t see myself when I run (and I go early in the morning, so hopefully it’s only the sheep that chuckle as I go by)

(Roz) #4

Hi, useless at running but as a trained chiropodist I’m suspecting some kind of strain. This could be due to inflexible shoes, tight muscles in feet, calves or shins or over pronation (posh word for foot turning as you run!) of the foot. Best to stop running for the time being and visit a chiropodist who specialises in sports injuries who will probably recommend you do some muscle strengthening exercises or get specialist orthotics for your shoes.

(Little Ramstudio) #5

Used to run 5 days a week, anything between 5 and 10km.
Sad to say injury eventually made it very difficult. Foolishly kept on running with a knee cap that had displaced itself, outcome was bone grinding on bone so that put paid to any more running!
Best advice is to warm up gently and stretch before running and then cool down and stretch again after running.
Most people new to it never push past the feeling of being really out of breath. If you can keep breathing steadily and not concentrate too much about your breathing one day you will suddenly realise that you have got past that stage and are running along at your own speed without thinking of breathing at all!
Ooh…describing that has so made me want to go for a run, it is a wonderful mind freeing activity, so miss it.

(Helen Dale) #6

I know what you mean about the out of breath bit. The 3 miles feels a bit short - by about 2 miles it’s starting to feel ‘easier’ and by the time I do the last stretch home I feel I could run further (maybe that’s because it’s downhill!)

(Helen Dale) #7

Thanks Roz. I have been thinking of trying our local sports injury clinic - but feel a bit of a fraud - it’s not like I’m an aspiring Jessica Ennis or something! I’ve just invested in some new trainers and have been googling (how did the world function before google?) some exercises this morning. I know I pronate quite badly because the lady in the trainer shop video’d me before selling me some jolly expensive trainers - I suppose they have to get back the money they paid for their treadmill somehow

(Roz) #8

Are the trainers designed to help with the pronation? How long have you been using them? Sometimes if you go straight into a corrective posture it can cause an equal amount of strain on your muscles as the are unused to it. It is often better to start off wearing corrective devices (shoes/orthotics) just for short periods of time to begin with. Also if you are pronating it might help if you got orthotics to wear in your everyday shoes too so that your muscles etc aren’t strained the rest of the time. I would visit your local sports clinic, don’t worry about feeling a fraud, I doubt they’ll see you for free so they’ll be happy even if they don’t find anything wrong!

(Choo Choo Crafts) #9

Hi Helen,

You need to find yourself a good Physio who should be able to sort you out in no time.

Also how long have you had your running trainers for and do you do other things in them other than running?? Not all running trainers are the same, which I found out the hard way when I started running, I would try and find a local running shop near to where you live as they should be able to help you get the correct shoes for your running. Which means less injury time and more naughty foods to enjoy.

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #10

A good physio will set you on the right track but it sounds like you need to look at pronation/supination issues and also strengthen your ankles and calves. Resistance bands can help you with this and you tube has an abundance of videos to help too. Running trainers need to be replaced 6 monthly at least and you might also want to look at insoles for support, again a good physio can point you in the right direction. Dont waste time waiting on an NHS physio, from personal experience they may palm you off, 3 NHS physios told me there was nothing wrong with my knees and now I’m looking at cartilage grafts on my knee caps, who knows what kind of damage I could have done to myself if I had listened to them.

Anyway sorry for the ramble, good luck

(Helen Dale) #11

Ankles started hurting about a fortnight ago. New trainers only bought a few days ago, so still breaking them in. I think a week off with some exercises whiskey I look for a suitable physio. Thanks for all the really useful advice everyone

(Helen Dale) #12

Not ramble at all - all helpful advice. Thank you.

(Roz) #13

Like the idea of the whiskey even if it was a typo!

(Helen Dale) #14

Oops, Freudian slip methinks. Now…where did I put my glass!

(Janet Allinson) #15

Keep going with it Helen! I love to run, but don’t get so much time now as I work in the mornings and craft in the afternoons. But (don’t laugh) I’ve found a way to indulge myself a little by running up and down my long kitchen listening to head banging rock tunes on my MP3 player!

(Helen Dale) #16

I usually only manage to fit it in at 6am when I get up. The dogs have to be walked anyhow - so they get ‘runned’ instead! That way at least there’s no traffic and no one can see me in my struggling amblings!