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Charlotte Crosby dvd's anyone tried them with good results?

_Hi everyone, I’ve just bought Charlotte Crosby’s dvd’s, has anyone had good results from these? I’ve just put it on and my legs were aching so much I stopped lol. I know it was doing what it’s meant to (no pain no gain :confused:) But I feel now I need some confirmation that it will work before I am unable to walk on the school run later. Many thanks, looking forward to your replies.

Tracy x

I tend to stick to lower impact stuff such as yoga and Zumba (Zumba is quite good if you want a cardio work out by the way).

The usual advice is that you shouldn’t just pitch straight into the whole thing if you are starting something new, no matter how fit you are, but build up slowly to reduce the risk of injury.

If you are feeling it already, I would stop now and see how you feel tomorrow. If you feel very sore and stiff tomorrow then you will need to break for a few days until the pain goes away. A chap I used to know at work who was really into gym workouts used this rule, because when you feel that pain it means you have torn some muscle fibres. These will heal even stronger than before, but there is no point in disrupting the healing process by tearing them again when they are not ready for it.

Hope this helps!

Sam x

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