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Anyone else getting messages from GripBid Team?

I’ve just had one connected to one of my items saying how great my shop is and to come sell on their new Auction site.

I’m sure that is not what contact the designer button/icon is for and this is unsolicated advertisting spam.

I’m very annoyed at the moment as I thought is was a potential customer asking about one of my items which is what the contact the designer button/icon function is really for.

I do not like spammers.

Yes i got a message from a user here who identifies themself as part of the gripbid team. The message i got is clearly one that was mass sent , In fact i am annoyed enough to copy the whole thing here and link folksy people in for their review. I dont like spam…i dont like people using others hard earnt paying customers details without their permission to try and line their own pockets either. I joined folksy for its hard earnt reputation not to be spammed by other sites wanting the profits without putting in all the effort folksy has done.


You have received the following message from Danny2much. To respond, simply reply to this email and your message will be sent directly to the sender’s email address:

Please note that by replying to the message, your email address will be shared with the recipient. More information.

Great work

Message from item page:
GripBid Team

I like what your selling, really nice stuff, good luck to you. Also try listing on or just advertising on it. Its a new site but free to list unlimited items and no upfront membership fee’s . You have some really nice stuff and would be great on the site. Build your own shop and list all those great items you have,and start making money. It’s a selling site as of now will be adding a bid platform as well. Its a fairly new site, but we are promoting it, Big Time . Since you will be one of the first to list you will get Huge front page exposure…- Welcome

@Folksyadmin any input here?

I’ve emailed admin as well and if this spammer has opened up a account they’ll delete it as I’m sure they must have as they say they are Danny2much.

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Yes, I had one too for my ffflowers shop. Don’t think much of their promotion since this is the first I’ve heard of them :wink: It’s my experience that these new selling sites come and go pretty quickly and ones that feel they need to start off by spamming another site’s sellers don’t last long…

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Yes, I got one this morning too - exactly the same account and wording. I just deleted it.

Yes I had one as well. It has been deleted.

Don’t think they like my stuff hehehe
But If I get the message I’ll be telling folksy too.
It’s not right to spam every one.

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Yes , I have also received one . Sadly , it does look like it was sent en masse to drum up business. It would help if their grammar was correct ! ha !

me too ! its in the bin now

Yes, I got it. Seems like another auction site.

Thought my items were not up to scratch then bam I got the email. Hehe

Really poor wording which always makes me laugh.

It went in the spam folder

Yes, they’re still at it, had one for t’other shop this morning

Received another one today - one is cheeky, but two is downright annoying - I hope Folksy stop them soon.

I got one too and due to his name being Danny2much, I’ve had Luther Vandross’s Never Too Much going round in my head all night and this morning!

Thanks Mr Spammer! :wink:

I got the Folksy email to say they’ve banned his access so we shouldn’t get anymore unless he signs up with another user name. :slight_smile:

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I received 4 identical messages from them this morning, bit cheeky eh?

I’ve had the same message too at 6.30 tonight. From ‘Jackieballroom’ this time. Perhaps it was ‘2 much’ for Danny, lol.

email admin with the details and they’ll ban that account as well.

Had one from GCgeorge this evening. They certainly are persistent!

Yep I’ve just had my second one off them. Some people will try anything.