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Scam Warning

Hi Guys,

Just a heads up:

I just got a message through my contact button telling me they’ve got an issue with an order they placed and attaching screenshots. it downloads a javascript file if you click it, which I assume will do something awful if it’s opened. They put “reply urgently” at the top D:

Their username is bultimnmure1975 (not sure if I’m supposed to share, but if it stops another person clicking it!)

J :slight_smile:


This has been reported on another thread a few minutes ago! Just waiting to see what Folksy Admin have to say about it!

Sam x

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I literally just had a message like this but it was from a different account name (surnextglasbabb1973) but had the same attached screenshots deal. Was just about to email support to ask about it but throught I’d check here first if anyone else has had similar and here we are!

My message came from tresconpalu1986. Sadly, as I’ve not had a sale from Folksy yet, I think I would have known if I’d made a sale.

I emailed Folksy support with all the details, just a bit shocked I went as far as downloading it. I really hate that they’re playing on the anxiety that goes with sending an order away.

I have also had this email, mine was from blogungkirco1979. I have also emailed support.

Yep, just had the same email but from a different user (liecavewa1981). I didn’t open the download, as it all seemed a little suspicious.

Hi All
Yes I have just had same experience from nascentfridlour1986 and I have reported this to Folksy Support.

I have just received this too but from a different account name (piscowhallei1980) I have forwarded it to Folksy support. If I hovered over the link on there my computer warns me that the files may damage my computer so don’t click on anything!

Yes, just got one too. Delete delete!

I have also had an email which I think is a scam - here is a copy so other Folksy traders can see if they recognise it…


You have received the following message from dircbrunilon1983. To respond, simply reply to this email and your message will be sent directly to the sender’s email address:

Please note that by replying to the message, your email address will be shared with the recipient. More information.


Hello dear seller about a few days ago,I bought your stuff, but I still do not get this position in my account, although i have this transaction in my PayPal account.
I contacted folksy client support, they recommend me to contact you attached a screenshots of my paypaland Folksy accounts.

Here are screenshots:
Please help me understand about the situation.

Hi thanks :pray:t2: I’ve just had this email too

I just had this and e-mailed Folksy support but even though I knew it looked fake and told my partner first - I still opened it up - It’s Malware! My Windows defender removed it - thank goodness.

Wish I had checked here first.

Am glad I looked on here. Have also contacted Folksy support. Same ‘buyer’ name. I didn’t open the javascript file fortunately and hope that’s the end of it. It’s a nifty scam though, they managed to get the Folksy no-reply message looking authentic. It rang alarm bells immediately but nonetheless, a more plausible scam than some others I have seen.


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Yes several threads now started. They seem to be using loads of user names too. Might take a little bit of stopping and sorting out by Folksy support.

Mine is from quistewlin1980 or something like that. Same scam though

Me too but mine was from uncremovfi1972. I only put my shop into Holiday Mode yesterday so I believed it to be genuine at first so did click on the screenshot link. Luckily the anti-virus picked up on it straight away. I have reported it to Folksy Support.

The link they gave was to Folksy-storage which was the give away.

This is a scam. Please do not reply. We’re really sorry this got through our filter system.
We’re looking into how that happened to make sure it doesn’t happen again.