Folksy Ltd

Anyone else getting the broken notice?

(Little Ramstudio) #1

We seem to only be able to access the forums just now, everything else seems to be broken.
Is it just us?@Folksyadmin

(Linda Wild) #2

I can’t even get folksy to load, so no it’s not just you!

(Melanie Commins) #3

I can access my profile, but that’s about it. I sent a message to support about it, hopefully it’s being worked on. All these access problems are a little frustrating.

(Grimm Exhibition) #4

Just forum for me, no shop:o(

(Bizzy Liz) #5

I’ve got the broken blurb as well, but interestingly the featured seller list still works.

(Marg) #6

Same Here, well and truly broken, Doug says he’s trying to fix it, plus a lot of info that I cannot understand. Hopefully we will be up and running pretty soon. Can’t get on to my shop at all. I even tried putting my shop name into the search, but nothing.
Sometimes sorry is just not enough, how about a refund of some my Folksy Plus fee. Marg. x

(Denise Milward) #7

Me too. I eventually found my account,more by accident than design. Can’t search or access categories. Boo sucks,as we say,following several days of no uploading. Ah well,keep trying! I thought it was just me too.

(Linda Wild) #8

Dare I say, it seems to be working now…

(Little Ramstudio) #9

Back up and running, thank goodness, hope it stays that way…

(Sian ) #10

Sorry - our search index service went down. It is back up now and Doug’s just waiting to hear back from them to find out what happened:

(Sian ) #11

Update from our search index service provider:

(Sarah Atkinson) #12

@sianfolksy any idea why, when I go into listings, I can’t select all of the listings on a single page to relist? I am having to select each one at a time. Thanks.