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Anyone fancy a challenge with a difficult Christmas pressie

(Helen Dale) #1

My sister in law and her husband have 4 children. One must be about 13 I think, the next one is probably about 4, and the twins are 2-3. Buying them all separate presents gets so expensive, so we try and buy them something they can enjoy as a family - but that’s getting more challenging as the eldest boy gets older. Any suggestions? All attempts to help much appreciated!emphasized text

(Roz) #2

Not sure what your budget is but how about taking them all to see a show - it doesn’t have to be an expensive one - maybe a local pantomime. Or a day out at a local zoo, theme park, play barn etc

(Helen Dale) #3

Thanks Rox. We don’t live near them but I like the idea of a family ticket to something they can go to together in 2016

(GiftsWithGlitz) #4

How about a family picture. My picture can be customised with the words of your choice so can be really thoughtful including all their names and words important to you with a title of the family name.

(Deborah Jones) #5

Maybe some kind of hamper would work, either a food one or a craft one or a bath time one.

I like the idea of the family day out , thats a great idea.

(Anna Lisa Walker) #6

A slightly different personalised suggestion but just spotted this - my friends children all seem to be obsessed with ‘dung’ so it might appeal!!

(JanetPearl) #7

May be take their family photo and print it as a puzzle, so they can have fun building it together.

(Minerva) #8

Fun activities or trips would be suitable. Maybe one day course for Arts / Crafts / Sports. Games and puzzles to do together as a family is also good although I don’t know if a 13 yo will find that exciting.

If you get really, really stuck, I can create unisex knitwear that males & females can share. Such as hand knitted bows for family photo shoots…Have a look at my shop if you wish.

(Sasha Garrett) #9

How about a ‘make your own pasta’ hamper including a pasta roller and all the non perishable items required? The bigger people can make dinner (turkey ravioli using left overs?) whilst the little people make a mess…
Good luck.