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(Emma Rogerson) #1

Help! I am designing some packs of thank you notes for children.
If you were to buy such a thing. Would you prefer them personalised or not?

(Christine E.) #2

If I got a PRINTED thank you from a child, I’d feel I wasn’t appreciated! At least the child (provided she is of the right age) could be bothered to write her own name! But perhaps I’m just old fashioned- they probably send a thank you texts these days! :slight_smile: Cute cards, by the way!..

(Julie) #3

I like the personalisation, and although I agree totally with what Christine is saying, these cards look to me like they will open and something will be written inside as well. So on that assumption, the personalised one gets my vote - it’s very cute.


(Emma Rogerson) #4

Yes this is just the front of the card - thanks ladies x

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #5

Could you offer both types, personalised ones for kids who can’t yet write and none personalised ones for older kids?? Both designs are lovely :slight_smile:

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #6

Personally I’d go for the first one, plain. The kids can write inside themselves that way, or get mam and dad to do it if they can’t. It’s a really cute design. :slight_smile:

(Claire Davis) #7

I like the personalised ones, but if I was buying I would probably buy the non-personalised ones, as I have two daughters of a similar age so always have leftovers from one birthday etc that I use up after the next one! They’re used to sharing bless 'em - and my lucky son always gets stuff just for himself!

(Ellaand Boo) #8

These are gorgeous, I love both of them but would probably go with the personalised ones!x

(Liz Dyson) #9

I have teenagers, so neither card would be suitable in my house, but if I had little ones I’d go for the personalised one, though both designs are really lovely.


(Susan Bonnar) #10

I think the personalised are really special - shows you didn’t buy them in Tesco! With a hand written note inside from the child, or a handprint or drawing if they are tiny it would be lovely x

(Emma Rogerson) #11

That’s my feeling Susan - we have to definately set ourselves apart from Tesco!!

(Emma Rogerson) #12

Thanks for all your feedback everyone. I think I may just offer 2 ways as the opinions are so split. I’d judt have to charge a little more for the personaliised ones. Or maybe that would put people off - ekk!
More thought required!

(Oh Button Me) #13

I like the plain one