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Anyone heard of Bewtsy

Just wonder if anyone has heard of bewtsy, I hadn’t until I was approached on F/book.I am now wondering if I should have put this on here.

Yes, they approached me viaFacebook yesterday but I ignored them.

Yes, he’s doing the rounds. Looks like a new site with very little content (as in I checked on the number of earrings for sale and it was zero.) There was another similar set up a few years ago that pretty much sank without trace, but I can’t remember the name…

I got a Facebook request today. I just deleted it.

I deleted my fb request too. Not enough info and did not like the set up.

Sounds like he went round all of us! Sent to my personal FB account not my shop page, too. I only accept FB friend requests from friends, so this went straight in the bin. It’s spamming and most irritating - if this was a reputable business it wouldn’t take this approach.


A friends request on my page too (deleted) if he wanted my business why not just message my business page rather than put a friends request on my personal page :confused:


Yep I got a friend request too, immediate turn off!!!

Thanks everybody for answering my query, i must admit Mr Gullible here granted the friend request but since reading your posts I have withdrawn it. Its probably safe enough its just that like you say there’s no content there, its very new,I think I was desperate because of lack of sales.



I know how you feel with lack of sales :slight_smile: I might have given it more attention if they’d approached me via my business page rather than my personal page (I think they must be going through the members list on one of the craft groups I’m part of )

I was approached via FB too. He managed to get my name wrong, which straight away puts me right off. I mean it’s not hard with me is it? My name is my business name too! Gawd knows where he got the name he did call me by from, but it did make it look like he was rushing, or doing the rounds and getting names confused. And looking at this thread, he’s definitely doing the rounds :wink:


I had a second friend request to my personal page this morning - also deleted.
Very spammy and verging on rudeness to go to personal pages with no message, no explanation, just a friend request.

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Quite apart from the approach, I had a look at the site. Firstly, there seems to be only one shop on there at the moment (OK, we all start small…). Also it seems to have an interesting business model in that they don’t charge commission or fees, but ask for donations. I can’t see that working, personally.

Certainly no competition to Folksy, to my mind!

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I couldn’t work out where the money to pay for it was coming from either, it all seemed very odd.

Same here I got the friends request I thought maybe it was another Folksy person so I looked and was not impressed I see that as spamming. As it was to my private page not my business page.

I do know in order to send a private message to a personal (non Business) facebook page you now have to do a friends request first. They’ve done this to stop people you don’t know sending you unsolicited (spam) messages.

I used to get them from men I didn’t know trying to engage me in conversation. yuk yuk yuk now they have to do a friend request you can click on their names and see what’s on their facebook page :slight_smile:

If this person was looking to offer us a potential business arrangement he should have sent a message via our business page grrrrrrr. Needless to say I declined.

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I had a request to my personal FB page as well. Not impressed and got deleted.