Anyone interested in joining the Folksy 365 - June Daily Listing Thread?

Yes please :slight_smile:

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Yay! Lots of us! Will get my dancing shoes polished then!

Natalie x


Yes please natalie @NOfkantsCurios, i will try to be more organised this month :rofl:

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If our house improvements are finished soon I would love to join in Natalie xxx

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Yes please

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Yes, please.

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Come and join us on the June thread! XxX

Please Come and join us on the June thread if you haven’t already! XxX

Yes please. I think I understand the game now !!

Yes please, count me in x

yes please x

This thread is from last year.

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Hello peeps, this was last year’s thread for interest, but loving how keen you all are. I will start an interest thread a bit nearer the end of the month. XxX

Yes please!

yes please :slight_smile:

This is last years thread, I will start one in a few days for June 2022.

I thought it seemed a bit early :grin:

Yes please x