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Are you a blood donor?

Hi Teadora!
I am a young 75yr old.
So can’t give blood now, but I did many years ago. 19 pints in total.
They used to give you a badge if you made the 20pints but I emigrated to CapeTown before my 20th pint. so alas didn’t get the badge. :frowning:
(I came back home to UK 7yrs ago)
I know giving blood isn’t easy if you have a needle phobia, and am saddened,
that you weren’t encouraged more at the time. Do try again? as no two situations are ever the same.:slight_smile:
It gives you such a warm buzz feeling afterwards for caring enough to help someone in need.
I remember my 1st time ,I had gone with a friend as support and she had filled her Pint bottle up far speedier than me. I was worried about that, so I asked why, and The st Johns ambulance guy told me, I was just a slow bleeder.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
so in the words of KateBush and Peter Gabriel Song. "Don’t Give Up!

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Ahh sorry Karen, I forgot to say I was brought up in Chiswick West London, having lived in the Shepherd’s Bush and Fulham area before that! Although I am actually from Jersey CI …I have been about a bit lol, …have lived in Leicester for 25 years now :smiley:

Thank you so much! Yes, I want to try again, now I know what to expect. I read all about giving blood beforehand, including why sometimes you won’t be able to, but I haven’t read anything about not finding your vein or about no flowing blood so it took me by surprise! I think I panicked a little bit. (I only read more after I come back home) Also, I was all by myself, no one to encourage me (everyone was at work and it wasn’t any slot available after 6). Maybe next time I will book when my husband is available to come with me. I am sure it will make a big difference.

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Yes Teadora,
better to have someone else beside you when you go.
I wouldn’t bother reading about it as I’m sure that worries you more,
than anything. and everbody has veins, some just aren’t as visible as others.
I would try again as it is “their” Job to find your vein, not yours.
Best of luck.and don’t give up?
hazy daisyx:)

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Well done for giving it a go :smile:

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Well done for trying, I’ve given for many years, I even have a silver card but I can’t give any more, :slight_smile:
I also have veins that like to play hide and seek and often had to swap arms. There were occasions that it just wouldn’t flow or it would stop when the bag was only half full.
My sister works in the Haematology department of a city hospital looking after the stocks, my mum has needed transfusions in the past so it’s something I always done.
It would be great if you can try again in the summer but it’s not for everyone so don’t get stressed out or too nervous, it’s not good for the blood flow :slight_smile:


Why are you in Leicester when you could be in Jersey - my most favourite place in the world :smiley:

No, I’m not a blood donor as I’m a fainter! I even faint at the dentist so I’m not really popular anywhere…

But I really appreciate those who can and do give blood and those who try. My husband used to give blood for many years and five years ago he became the recipient of a lot of blood and plasma transfusions to save his life when he developed a rare illness (nothing that can be spread through blood), his kidneys failed and three years later he had a kidney transplant.

I can’t really express how grateful we are for the blood donors and his kidney donor and the family they left behind who agreed for the donation to take place.


Oh no! Such a shame you couldn’t donate on the day, but it might be worth another go. I’ve been donating every few months for a couple of years now after deciding to do it as a way of giving a bit back to society. We’re not in a position to donate to charity (I’m self-employed and my other half is a student) but I’m healthy enough to donate blood and that doesn’t cost a penny :slight_smile:

I’ll admit it hasn’t always been easy to donate each time, some days it flows nice and easy, other days they can barely find a vein and it takes ages, and as I bruise easily I’ve had a couple of pretty nasty bruises afterwards. Sorry you had a tough time, but unless the staff at the blood centre said not to try again, I’d give it another go. Try a little light exercise beforehand (walking etc), and also drink plenty of water too, that usually helps. And yes, take someone with you for moral support if that’ll help you relax. I often take my other half and although he can’t donate we always go for lunch afterwards as a treat, and to help me replace those blood cells!

And as someone else mentioned, it’s lovely when you get the texts to let you know that your blood has been used – I’ve had three texts so far and it always makes me smile to know it’s been useful, particularly as I’m a rare blood type.

Good luck if you give it another go!

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Well done for having a go.

I gave blood regularly - usually twice a year from my early 20s until I had my first child. As I had to have a blood transfusion after giving birth I can no longer donate. I have given way more than I have received and I hope it stays that way haha!

Initially they always used to try on my left arm as I am right handed and it was always a failure LOL so I always told then go for the right one anyway so definitely try the other arm next time. Might as well give it another go as this time you know the process that you go through so hopefully it won’t be quite so stressful. take a buddy too - someone who has done it before maybe :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I will, now I know what to expect!

Thank you, I will do that, especially going with someone.

I can’t donate either, my veins ‘jump’ or collapse when they try to take my blood. Even if a phlebotomist is lucky and can get a needle in after about 5 minutes the flow stops. I was asked not to return because I was a “waste of time and resources” so wasn’t a good donor. It made me feel like shit to be honest. X

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Oh, I am so sorry to hear that x.

Yes, I am the same. I didn’t faint at the dentist but I did pull her hand out of my mouth many years ago! So I am not very popular either. I am due for an appointment now and I am dreading it.