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Opinions please

(Karen McPherson) #1

I’ve decided to try this out, please let me know what you think.

As our shop is for Yorkhill Childrens Charity, we have set up a JustGiving page and 50% of each sale will be donated in the buyers name to that page, that way, we dont handle the money and people can check up.

Not sure how it will go but it seems to me like a more legit way of showing we do what we say we do.

Karen xx

(Diane Burton) #2

Sounds good in theory but I’m not sure how you’ll set it up as all Folksy transactions go through paypal.
Good Luck with the fundraising :slight_smile:

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #3

Good luck with it Karen, Yorkhill is the nearest childrens hospital to me (Im in North Lanarkshire) and I have a few friends who have needed their help. I will share your shop on my personal page and hope it drives up some interest for you.

The just giving idea is a great one, would you send a link to the buyer so they can see their donation?

(Peonyandthistle) #4

Good luck Karen. Yorkhill Hospital saved my life just after I was born so it has a special place in my heart too!

(Karen McPherson) #5

Yes absolutely.

Than you for sharing… Means a lot :slight_smile:

(Karen McPherson) #6

The full payment would come to my PayPal then I would donate half to the JustGiving page in the buyers name… Well I’m hoping that would work lol

(Julia Blakeman) #7

I’m pretty sure that’s how I did it last year when I donated a % of my sales over a given period of time to the fundraising that I was doing for The Little Princess Trust in conjunction with my major haircut for them, when I went from almost waist length to chin length and gave them my hair to make a wig for a child with Cancer.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #8

I think I would do exactly the same! …I was disappointed of late as I wanted to donate £1 from each of my kits to ‘Mind’ but could only do 10% minimum via that option. It sounds a bit mean, but I just couldn’t be so generous at the mo! I think it is a wonderful way of doing it Karen and good luck with your kind charity work.xx