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Feeling charitable?

(Susannah Ayre) #1

Hi folks,

I wouldn’t normally do this but I’m feeling really unwell at the moment (chest infection and just massively run down) so I thought I’d try and help improve my karma & other people who it will ultimately help.
On the 28th June my father-in-law is doing the Yorkshire Three Peeks Challenge in under 12 hours for the Screwfix Foundation- they raise money to improve community facilities in the UK and therefore support much smaller charities and organisations.
There’s a team of them doing it- plenty of which barely walk to the shops- so for some it will definitely prove more of a challenge than others!
But I thought I’d share the Just Giving link on here in case anyone is feeling generous and wants to donate- or also wants to help improve their karma! Haha (no- I don’t necessarily believe in that- but figured it couldn’t do me any harm in donating and sharing!) haha

Thanks folks!! :smiley: