Folksy Ltd

Are you based near Colchester?

(Heidi Meier) #1

Hello - I wondered if anyone is based near Colchester as I am having a ‘Private View’ at the Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre on Saturday for some of my artworks. It would be great to meet fellow Folksy folk! It’s on between 11am and 1pm at the theatre. Just walk on in and I will be hosting, providing some drinks (wine, OJ etc) and nibbles. :slight_smile:

(Diane Burton) #2

Unfortunately too far away but Good Luck xx :four_leaf_clover:

(Heidi Meier) #3

Thanks @DeesDesigns - it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this so it’ll be a big learning experience for me! :smiley:

(Hazel Rayfield) #4

all the best with the show heidi, shame it wasn’t last Saturday we were in the Colchester area for the day :slight_smile:

(Heidi Meier) #5

Thanks @HazelRayfield - it should be fun!! :smile: