Folksy Ltd

PORKSTOCK oink oink

(PaulsJewels) #1

Hi all. Just a last minute message to say we will be at Porkstock tomorrow. We will have a range of our hand decorated Piggy Banks and trinket boxes plus jewellery and whatever else we can cram into the car. If anyone is local and coming along then please do come and say hi. This is our first BIG outdoor event. Feeling proud :smile:

(Jan Ryan) #2

Wow it sounds like a great event, it’s a pity I’m not about Norwich tomorrow I’d certainly pop over. A great place to showcase your Piggy Banks I would think :pig: :pig2:
Good luck :slight_smile:

(Kelly) #3

Have fun @PaulsJewels, wishing you much success! x

(Karen Ellam) #4

Wishing you an Oinktastic day tomorrow :smiley: :pig:


(Kelly) #5

Trust you to say that Karen @karenscraftybitz lol. :grin: x

(Karen Ellam) #6

I couldn’t help myself Kelly lol :smile:

(CopperTobi) #7

Wishing you lots of sales Paul!

(So Sew Megan) #8

You must be back by now, hope it went well.

(PaulsJewels) #9

A total of 22 sales from our two tables. Lots of people asking about any stores we have online and twitter etc, confirmed with one of organizers of the event we can use another venue for an exclusive event to show and sell our bits and bobs. Our bookfolds were very popular although had to turn down custom order requests as I am afraid I cannot have TWO new items folded by tomorrow for them lol. Naughty men forgetting they had birthday gifts to get.