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Asking for sdvice

Can someone who has a good level of success do me a favour and look at my shop and give me a advise on possible improvements

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Have you read the folksy blog with all the excellent articles on how to write a description/ tags and take product photos?

I would strong recommend you read the ones about writing descriptions and taking photos.


I second Sasha’s suggestion.
A couple of specific points…

  1. Your Facebook link goes to Folksy home page… Always check links you set up as it is counterproductive to set up one which does not work (you are not alone, there are hundreds of non-working links on here)

  2. Spelling … Your dove is made of “fanfic” ?? but there are lots of other typos I’ve seen in the other listings I looked at.
    Can I suggest that before you publish a listing you copy / paste your descriptions into Word and run a spell, grammar check on them then copy / paste the corrected text back into your listing.
    As well as missing letters you have brackets which are in the wrong place, which open but don’t close (unbalanced parentheses are something that I was absolutely not allowed back in my Cobol coding days :slight_smile: )

To me the points I’ve made would be a put-off and I would leave your shop thinking if you cannot take the time to check your listings then why would a customer expect your work to be perfect / worth buying.

I’m sorry but I’m not trying to be harsh, I’m just trying to help.

As Sasha says do check your descriptions and your photos (some are out of focus). I hope that the person who receives your key holder as a gift doesn’t read the description on here or they might be insulted by the suggestion they are difficult to buy for… just saying :slight_smile:

This key rack makes a nice unusual gift for someone that it is difficult to buy for or family, and also as a gift to treat yourself .

PS There are undoubtedly a few little odd typos in my own listings but I have A Lot of listings and the descriptions are long with lots of words for my fingers to stumble over but I would always correct one when I spot it.


Thank you for your comments and I will take them on board and thank you for taking the time to review our shop

Hello! For what it’s worth here are my observations and suggestions:

  • photograph your products against a plain white wall: the colours in the tweed are so vibrant and beautiful, but they ‘fight’ with the patterned/strongly coloured backgrounds

  • I would separate your descriptions into 2 paragraphs: one extolling the quality and provenance of the Harris Tweed and another describing the product eg.

Harris Tweed can only be produced in the Western Isles of Scotland, the home of ‘Assorted Island Crafts’. Hand woven by local weavers, this high quality product is a pleasure to work with and ideal for our inspired designs.

Our Key Rack is faced with Harris Tweed in glorious shades of red and ochre and includes five key tabs in matching tweed. Fixing screws are also included.

A lovely gift for family, friends or for yourself.

  • I would then add the dimensions and a short note saying that you offer free shipping

  • I liked it when you identified the tartan of the tweed!

  • In your ‘About’ section you talk about your wooden bowls - but these aren’t for sale in your Folksy shop - I would either add bowls etc to your listings or not mention that in your ‘About’ section

  • I would also delete the bit about being fed up with sellers who charge postage - it’s rather negative and not very supportive of other crafters/makers here who have decided to charge postage (each to their own!) Instead I would simply say in your listings that postage is free

  • I would credit Chris Murray’s photo at the end of your ‘About’ section - you only need to say ‘Photo credit: Chris Murray’. After all, it’s your shop page, not his,

  • And would agree with Joy about spellings, typos, links, better quality photographs etc.

Hope this is helpful. And good luck!



Please will you rewrite my descriptions for me.
The way you have put that is brilliant :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you for your helpful comments and will be going back to the posting and the rest of of the shop and taking on board the comments from you both

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Thank you Joy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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firstly welcome to Folksy…
I cannot add much to the above except that for me, the backgrounds in the photos seemed to be a bit in my face…the bright blue backgrounds distracted from your work and the spotty background behind the key rack took away my attention as well.
I also agree about the typos…I chose just ONE of your listings and there were three in just one paragraph. Easy to correct if you read through before you list the item.
I hope you take on board the comments from the others…(everyone here is really helpful and knowledgeable too !)
It takes time to get going on Folksy, so join in on the forums,…chat and get to know everyone…
Good luck x