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August Amigos Daily Listers Challenge Thread 1st t 31st August

Your picture is showing now @worldofcards. Another thread bowl from me in my favour colours, must make an effort to experiment more with different colours!


Thankyou. your bowl is very pretty …dawn

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2 nd listing for the the day …dawn

…faved to here as well


Hearted to here!

Happy Yorkshire day to you too Francis @thatenamelguy and your card embellishments are very cute @stephshortstationery

Afternoon all. Well I was all ready early this morning with photographs taken and a listing all ready to go only to discover a problem with uploading the photos to Folksy (I have started another thread about it) but eventually decided to list this scarf anyway although it looks much brighter in the photos than it actually is. Hopefully I’ll get to the bottom of it and get it sorted but for now here it is.



Love Amigos, great name and thank you Max @paperchainsandbeads for looking after us all for another month, much appreciate all your hard work.

Well our house is on the market, so lots of viewing for us to see properties, fingers x it all happens soon now decision made, so may be in and out on the thread - sorry

BUT here is my new listing which I showed yesterday but link wasnt working DOH!!!

Carol xx


Afternoon Amigos :blush:


My new board :hugs:

All pinned now X
Thanks dawn @thecuriousartofmadamej for embellishment love X

Hello everyone. Just stopping by to say hello and to let you know that we have survived the move. Thank you all who have sent us good luck wishes and lovely thoughts - they have been a great help. The house was in a real mess and we are just getting it to the point it is clean enough to live in until all the additional work we need has been done. It feels a bit like we are squatting here, but I think it will be worth it in the end. I will try and post a picture or two for you to have a look at.

Love to you all - I hope to be able to join in with you again soon xxxxxx


This is the day we moved in. My husband had to cut back the bushes to get in!

The smoke and nicotine stained lounge

The nice lean too, complete with moss, sludge and general grot. As you can see, we have plenty to do.

We join in again soon xxxx


And I thought I had a lot to do when I moved Jacqueline @JAustenJewelleryDesign - getting a new kitchen, building a wardrobe and removing the cobwebs seems a minor task in comparison to what you have got! Hope you get at least semi-settled soon. :slight_smile:


Afternoon Amigos,
Good to be back after taking a rest in July. Thanks for running the thread again Max @paperchainsandbeads.
Pleased to hear you have moved and are making a start on the house Jacqueline @JAustenJewelleryDesign. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Love the card embellishments Steph @stephshortstationery - great idea.

Here is my first effort for the month:

Alison x


Hi everyone joining in for the first time will try to keep up starting with a relist as I have just got back from a great weekend in Bristol with my lovely family.


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Hello all. Trying to get back into the swing of things… here’s my listing for today, now to go back and catch up with all your lovely craft work (and news!) :slight_smile:


Would hate to see the lungs of the people who lived there before you Jacqueline @JAustenJewelleryDesign - nicotine and moss, great combination :wink: Good luck with all the work you have to do - I’m sure it’ll look a treat once you’ve worked your magic :hammer:

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Makes our current ‘project’ seem like child’s play! Wishing you the best as you turn it into your new home - the before and after photos should be very satisfying :slight_smile:

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Here’s to a new month and to lots of sales for all of us :+1:

Thanks Maxine for running the thread.

Trip to the dentist for me today - need a filling Boooo! Will put that off until after my holiday :mask:

All loved/pinned up to here.

Just a new photo for an old item for me today. When I first opened my shop I made the mistake of listing everything at once, so all the photos for my new stuff still need editing and will go on bit by bit through August/September - along with the 30 or so new items I’ve made over the last week ready for - dare I say it - Christmas :santa:


Best of luck to you, it looks like a house with lots of potential. I bet you will make it lovely. Amanda xxx

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