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July Jollies Daily Listing Challenge Thread - July 2016

Hello and welcome the July Jollies Daily Listers and to all those taking part! Here’s to a month full of marvellous sales for us all!

Please don’t forget to view each other’s items in situ in their shops, to ensure we have good viewing figures for our items and most importantly, let us know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate with you.

Please remember to post a link of your item in the thread, or clickable picture if you prefer. If we have a direct link, it makes it easier for us to look at your items.

I will endeavour to keep a tally of the month’s sales. Please let me know if I miss any.

Sorry! Only folksy sales can be added to the tally but happy to hear about and celebrate outside successes with you.

Shared promotion opportnities:-
Facebook Group
Flikr Group

Pinterest, thank you to Dawn for sharing her pinterest board to re-pin from

Help to get seen on twitter add #newonfolksy to you items

Also checkout Craftjuice another great way to get seen, see the thread here for more info

Total sales for June 186

Beaded Treasures 7
Cariad Crafts 6
GoRadLou 3
The Cornish Coaster Company 2
Stephanie Short Supplies 4
Stephanie Short Stationery 3
Silver Birch Studios 3
Knittingtopia 2
Textiletreasure 3
Jacqueline O Jewellery 4
Midnightstar Designs 1
Silver Tree Jewellery Designs 6
Beadstorm 10
J Austen Jewellery Designs 2
So Sew Megan 4
Pip Designs 3
Heavenly Anarchist 2
Deborah Jones Jewellery 7
Paper Chains & Beads 3
Sweet Pyro Angel 10
Oh Button Me 1
The Card Jeanie 1
Hats and More 1
Red Dragon Designs 1
Jack Bentley 1
Gweddus 4
Sue Trevor 3

Total 107


Good morning and welcome to July everyone weather is awful this morning wet and windy! wishing you all many many sales this month. Does anyone have a pinterest board they want to share for others to pin from please?


Good morning.
Your all more than welcome to pin from mine

I hope I have done that right. 8-}

Well I have woken up far too early for my liking but no matter how much I try I can’t get back to sleep. Booooooo.

Today should be fun. I am collecting my youngest nephew from nursery to help my sister out. Her and mum are getting everything ready for the older ones birthday. He’s got a few friends over after school.
Plus I get to see my mum first time I will have seen her since the op. Think she will get a shock. :smiley:

I managed to take loads of photos yesterday so hopefully I’ll get afew more bits added.
Here’s a new dice bracelet this morning.

I love making these.

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I must get around to doing some pinning - and also set up an Instagram account which I have heard is very good for promoting your products. Anyhow, here’s one from me today - have a good day all!:

Morning, This is the first card of July for me …dawn

Thank you for sharing your pin board Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, have a lovely day with your family :slight_smile:

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Morning all, happy July!

Max @paperchainsandbeads can add 2 sales to start the tally please. :smiley:


A Patriotic / Topical start to the month!

Good morning Jollies, wishing us all a good month of sales and happiness :slight_smile:

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Morning everyone. Thank you for the new thread.

Thanks for the new thread Maxine.
I’ve already prepped my glass ready for a few days work. Today is #folksyfriday on twitter so I need to work out what I’m tweeting (newbie here). Then I need to do some study.
A new goldfinch coaster today

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I look forward to joining in this month.

I’ve loved & pinned in little batches :blush:

Love your goldfinch dish @HeavenlyAnarchist, have you noticed there are so many more goldfinches around this year. Another floral bowl from me as I’m off to Hampton Court Flower Show on Tuesday so flowers are on my mind more than usual!

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good morning everyone…white rabbit…
Today I have a box canvas acrylic painting that I did yesterday.

Good morning everyone. Hope everyone has a successful month.

Hello! I thought I might join in this month if that’s OK as my Folksy shop is a bit bare and needs a bit of love! I will tweet everything from British Crafters if that’s alright with you all, with 40K followers, hopefully can make a difference! Have some new designs to make so best go making!


Morning July Jollies
Today’s listing
I shall be dropping out of this thread for a couple of days from tomorrow as I have a weekend fair. I couldn’t cope last time I tried to keep my shop open… I’m not sure how I’ll do, I’ve only had one sale since the referendum!

Welcome to the thread susan. Look forward to seeing your lovely memory books. I never know what to call them

Hi everyone. I hope it is ok to join in for as long as possible? Our move date has changed again, so I might be able to join in for a few days longer than I thought. Well done on the sales already!

I have this for you today

Have a wonderful day everyone xx