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Autumn Angels October Daily Listing Challenge Thread 1st to 31st October 2016

Hello and welcome the Autumn Angels October Daily Listers and to all those taking part! Here’s to a month full of marvellous sales for us all!

Please don’t forget to view each other’s items in situ in their shops, to ensure we have good viewing figures for our items and most importantly, let us know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate with you.

Please remember to post a link of your item in the thread, or clickable picture if you prefer. If we have a direct link, it makes it easier for us to look at your items.

I will endeavour to keep a tally of the month’s sales. Please let me know if I miss any.

Sorry! Only folksy sales can be added to the tally but happy to hear about and celebrate outside successes with you.

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Help to get seen on twitter add #newonfolksy to you items

Also checkout Craftjuice another great way to get seen, see the thread here for more info

Total sales for September was 133

Stephshort Stationery 11
Steph Short Supplies 12
Paper, Chains & Beads 11
Gweddus 14
Adien 20
Life Covers 10
The Card Jeanie 4
Sue Trevor 53
Greenwood Makes 3
Silver Birch Studio 3
Pip Designs 4
Kennel Craft 3
Stephanie Guy 1
Rainbows & More 9
N Ofkants Curios 4
Bead Storm 8
Gracie Flo 5
Sew Flair 2
Cornish Coaster Company 7
Girl of the Sixties 5
Jacqueline O 1
The Feminine Touch 3
Textile Treasures 8
Heidi Meir Textiles 1
That Enamel Guy 1
Beanie Hats & More 1
Cariad Crafts 11
Deborah Jones Jewellery 8
Dee Designs 2
Orchard Felts 4
Jacqueline Austen 5
Pyro Angels Jewellery Box 7
Fluff Stuff 4
Heavenly Anarchist 1
Midnight Star Designs 2
Turquoise Bee 1

Total 249


cute name

hoping for some sales this month )


Good morning Happy October Angels :). Wishing everyone lots of sales and a successful month, bring on the Christmas rush :wink:


Good morning fellow Angels.

Right - time to draw a line under September and start again with renewed enthusiasm in October!

Party time here tonight - my niece has an annual party and tonights the night with a theme of Arabian nights its going to be a sit down meal in the barn for 40ish people. Thankfully, other than providing a couple of tables, a gazebo and some moral support, I am there as a guest and not an organiser!

And another scarf today - sorry if you are getting a bit bored of these - promise to give you something a little bit different soon :slight_smile:


Good morning and good luck to all of our angels :slight_smile:


Well I did it, something listed every day for the whole month, my shop is now full, for the first time ever I have 2 pages of goodies! and I still have items waiting to be finished and ideas in my head waiting to come to fruition, so It looks like a busy and fruitful October too.
Thank you to all who ‘loved’ me last month, and a thank you to organising it. xx
So for day 1 I have a boys hottie


Good morning autumn angels, please can I add this to the thread

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Morning everyone!

As summer is now over, how about some gorgeous strawberry drop earrings to cheer up the cold coming in? Also available as studs too!

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@StephanieGuy abundance of red admirals at Robin Hood’s Bay yesterday, almost flocks. Never seen as many in one place.
Quick relist before I must be off to collect the tribe together


Morning Angels,

Torrential rain here today, hopefully it will brighten later.
Thanks Max and Anita for keeping tally. @beaniehats @paperchainsandbeads


Morning everyone - it’s torrential rain here too! I could do with some brighter weather to do some photos!

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Good Morning all, glad to be here.


Hello angels!
Thanks for keeping us going max @paperchainsandbeads and Anita @beaniehats…much appreciated!

Well camerons first proper shift today he’s been in twice so far but just for meetings, he’s only in 10-2 but he said he’s a little nervous :grimacing: I’ll let you know how he’s been.
Can’t believe it’s October mind you the light is definately changing on a morning, it has that frosty look without it been frosty …if that makes sense :thinking:
Not started a new board or read through yet but will do.
Here’s a new from me and max @paperchainsandbeads I’ve four sales to report for stationery tally please, catch up later Steph xx


Good morning all,

Sorry I haven’t been around lately but my Dad finally lost his battle with dementia and passed away peacefully. He was 86.

Anyone mind if I just come in and out when I can. I start my chemo next wednesday and don’t know how things are going to go.

In the meantime…

Jeanie x


Hi Jean @thecardjeanie sorry to hear of sad news thinking of you. You pop in whenever you feel like it, hope it goes ok for you on wednesday xx

thanks Steph.


We are grey and rainy here too

Max @paperchainsandbeads - big thanks for starting this new thread, I have my halo at the ready lol

Thank you Anita @beaniehats for your hard work last month - much appreciated

Jeanie @thecardjeanie, my condolences to you, always a shock but glad it was peaceful

Big thoughts go to you too with the chemo, be good to see you when you can pop in . Just stay positive :two_hearts:

Here is mine for today and one for yesterday

Carol xx

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Sorry to hear your sad news Jeanie @thecardjeanie Hope you don’t feel too poorly after your chemo.

Hi everyone - sorry for the absence during the summer months - have a problem with joints in warmer weather and this year they were particularly painful - so I took a break. Jeanie @thecardjeanie - thinking of you - so sorry to hear the sad news about your Dad and hope the chemo isn’t too much of a problem.