Folksy Ltd

Back on line and open for business again :)

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #1

Phew! After a hectic house move, change of internet provider and a few weeks without internet access (that was really traumatic!) I’m open for business again in both of my shops :smiley:

I was hoping to have had time to list all my new stock before re-opening, but I’m still unpacking boxes and still working on building the new bunny shed, so I’m a little behind schedule. Hopefully I can catch up by the weekend :smile:

Now it’s time for a nose through the forums to see what I’ve missed…

(Jennie Mead) #2

Hi Sara,

Welcome back! I hope you’re enjoying your new house.

I should also be moving house in the next couple of months and must remember to get the internet sorted. When we moved into our flat it took about 3 weeks and I want to avoid that nightmare again :wink:

I love your shop by the way- there is so much in it!

Jennie x

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Welcome back Sara! :smile:

(Detola and Geek) #4

Hope the move went smoothly Sara

Welcome back x