Folksy Ltd

Wow! Things have changed

(Marry Me) #1

I have just decided to re-stocked my Folksy shop and give selling on this website another try after not a lot of success the last time…wow! Im shocked at how much things have changed around here.
I will have to try and get used to all of the new layouts and find my way around again.

Hope everyone is well :smile:


Welcome back! I’m new to folksy, I’m also trying to find my way round. Best wishes on your new shop.

(Netti Anker) #3

I am thinking of listing again too, and you are right, so so many changes, took me a while to find my way around and to find the forums. It’s been over a year since I left, well, emptied my shop and I miss it.

(Margaret Jackson) #4

Welcome back both of you, I think things have changed for the better! :smile: