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Bag buckle help

Hi all,
I’m making a little school bag for my niece and want to make the handle adjustable. I’m making it from grosgrain ribbon and was wondering if anyone knew what those little buckle things to make it adjustable were called?
Thanks in advance xx

Try slide adjusters in google and I think you’ll find what you’re looking for, not sure if they have a proper name (I tend to cut them off my son’s wrecked schoolbags before binning them, along with any D rings and buckles that have any life left in them)

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Thanks Diane, I’ll have a look :slightly_smiling:

I’ve just had a little web search and strap adjusters or adjustable buckles appear. Not sure if there’s a proper name for them though.

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Yes! those are the things :slight_smile: I just couldn’t think what to put into google :expressionless:
Thank you both xx


I’ve just bought what you want. They are called Strap Adjusters by Hemline and also Strap D Rings, but they are black plastic, so may not be the colour you want. Hope you find what you want.

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I managed to get some silver ones on e*ay which will be perfect as the strap is blue :grinning: