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De-stash - feel free to post your de-stash items here

(Maxine Veronica) #1

I seem to have amassed a sizeable collection of beads over the past few years, too much really, so I’m having a de-stash to try and bring my stock back to a more manageable level. Lots of bargain, aall are at cost price or below, all new and unused excess from projects.

(Nifty) #2

good idea - I glared at my yarn stash earlier, think it’s time some of it went.

can I ask about the magnetic bag clasps - how are they attached? I can’t see sewing-on holes?

(Tessa Spanton) #3

I have some vintage buttons to destash

more here

(Maxine Veronica) #4

Hi @NiftyKnits. They don’t need any sewing, these ones have two posts that you feed through the material and are held in place by a plate which you fold the posts over. Hope that makes sense ;)! have just added the extra pics and description to my listing too, thanks Heather :wink:

here’s a couple of closeups of the posts, hopefully it shows how they work

(Nifty) #5

oh I understand now! thank you

(Maureen Brazier) #6

Useful Crafters Bag - ideal for a number of crafts - Quilters, Artists. Many zip pockets inside and pocket for rulers etc. Use three times - now nolonger required