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Name ofquick release toggle on pump bags?

Hi everyone. Does anyone know the name of the quick release toggles on pe/pump/swim bags please?
Also, does anyone know if they are used for certain ages? I’ve made and listed a pump bag without them and a friend asked if it had the toggles (being helpful). Thanks Catherine :cat:

I think you mean a cord lock something like these

If you mean the those toggles I have some spare and some bigger one

Hi - thanks for your replies, I’ve taken a photo of the ‘thing’ I mean - thanks :smiley_cat:

Sorry never seen those before (and I’m struggling to figure out what they actually do in the mechanics of the bag other than keep the ends tidy to make any suggestions as to what they are called).

They look like they would pull apart if a child accidentally got the cord around its neck but strong enough to keep together at other times, maybe look up safety toggles or child friendly toggles?

Only in black or white

Well done Sue - you star! I’ve been searching and searching! Thank you very much, I’ll pop that in my search. thanks again much appreciated xx :smiley_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

I’m intrigued what do they do? As thay look not very strong .

It’s to avoid strangling! simply come apart if the cord is pulled too hard to avoid injury a bit like blind safety catch on the cord.
The fact that they were so hard to find and that people didn’t know what they are called or knew about them suggests to me that people don’t use them and perhaps aren’t a necessity. However, I think I’ll play safe not expensive… :smiley_cat:

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I’m not sure health and safety existed in my day (nb I’m only in my late 30s) - concrete play grounds, PE bags you could strangle yourself with AND we could play bulldogs (which I think is now banned in many play grounds). But as you say not expensive so better to err on the side of caution.