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Bank Holiday Weekend .....SALE ..... List your offers here!

(Ali Dufty) #1

Bank Holiday Weekend SALE …List your special sale items / offers here …

My own weekend offer is storewide - so I am offering 15% off ANYTHING I have listed in my shop .
If you wish to purchase anything , quote BHWEEKEND in the message box at checkout and I will honour you a 15% refund :smile:

Eg …

Not sure how to link shop :confused: but this is the URL …
Thanks for looking .
Good luck to anyone else having a sale too!

(Nifty) #2

I recommend adding your shop url to your profile (and here) Ali, that way people will know where to look!

this thread tells you how If you don't put a link to your shop on your profile

(Enchanted Horse) #3

Sorry for sounding dense, how do I set up a discount code?

(Ali Dufty) #4

Thanks for tip Nifty , still unsure how to link , so I’ve edited to do the next best thing I think ! Thank you :smile:

(Nifty) #5

it’s not dense at all @EnchantedHorse - you can’t! What Ali and others do is make up your own code and ask buyers to quote it to you in a message, then you’ll need to refund the discount through paypal. folksy haven’t set up codes yet.

(Enchanted Horse) #6

Ah - thank you :smile: I thought I was missing something.

In that case, if anyone would like to buy from me this weekend :-

Enchanted Horse Folksy Shop

if you quote BH15% I will give you 15% off :slight_smile:

(Ali Dufty) #7

@EnchantedHorse … Folksy don’t operate a discount code option unfortunately .I’d queried this with admin in the past , I’m really surprised they haven’t tackled this problem yet !!! . Very long-winded to try and alter the price every item in store !! So , as yet there just seems no easy way to offer a sale other than offering a refund post-sale . !!! Good luck with sale :smile:

(Minerva) #8

My hand knitted men’s tie

A lightweight and soft ladies scarf

A couple of more items on offer in my shop this Early May Bank Holiday weekend.

(Pauline Hayward) #9

I’d like to offer 20% off everything in my shop just until Monday.
You pay the listing price and I will refund the 20% via Paypal.


(Ali Joyce) #10

Hi Everyone
I have reduced all my prices by 25% until 10 May - I’d be chuffed to bits if I managed a sale :wink:

(Jane Whalley) #11

I have a sale collection - here’s the link.

Jane x

(Liz Dyson) #12

I have a sale on lucite beads - 50% off. I have reduced all the prices and am putting off putting them all up again, so grab a bargain while you can. I’ve shifted about half of my stock, but I’d love to get rid of some more.


(René Trewern) #13

Was £10 - Now £7

(Gerda Austin) #14

I have a cute zipper purse , reduced to £3.00 + postage !

Gerda x

(Christine E.) #15

I have a Bargain Basement! I think I may take some of it to the charity shop soon, so if you want anything buy it soon!..This might be good for Fathers’ Day…
Was £14 now £11

(Gerda Austin) #16

I have just reduced this pretty handbag to £12.00 + postage …a bargain !

Gerda x

(Gerda Austin) #17

I will try again !

It worked this time

Gerda x


This has had it’s price dropped to a couple of pounds more than the kit cost…please pass it on…

(Dawn Marshall) #19

Hi my bank holiday special is buy any 2 cards and choose a 3rd one totally free. I will refund the difference through paypal

(Diane Keeble) #20

If you buy two pairs of earrings in my shop you get the cheaper pair half price. Just quote MAY DAY at the checkout :smiley: