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Battery operated lighting for a gazebo/ marquee at craft fair

(Sasha Garrett) #1

Hi All,
I have managed to get a stall at a major local christmas market but I will be outside in my own 3m square gazebo/ marquee without access to electricity. My gazebo is beige with windows to let natural light in, I’ve got solar fairy lights to go round the entrance to entice people in, battery operated LED lights that provide a general illumination but I’m after something that ‘throws’ light to illuminate displays. Does any one have any suggestions or general advice on how to illuminate one of these things?

(Rosesworkshop) #2

My latest ones were made specially for me by my clever Hubby. There are long ones that attach to the gazebo bars, and also smaller ones directly on my display stands, and all wire back to a long-lasting battery pack.

Before them I did quite well with those block LED lights designed to stick in wardrobes on sticky pads or velcro. Cheapie shops like Wilkos or Home bargains are a good source. DIY, car and camping places often have versions with a hook or loop for hanging them up too.

The trick is finding where to put them for best effect, because the LED light doesn’t seem to be bright for a large distance, so play about with your display at home before you set out.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

There is a torch out at Dyers that hand a long flexi hand to wrap around things that can be used like a spot light onto an item.

Also I would find a Maplin’s near you and go speak to the guys there as Maplin do some amazing electrical bits and bobs.

My DH made all our lighting from my car club gazebo that ran off 2 car batteries he got all the supplies from Maplins.

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Thanks for the tips - my neighbours have agreed to let me erect the gazebo on their lawn so we can have a run through with tables/ display stands/ lighting. I’m currently looking into led lights that clamp on to music stands which have 2 adjustable necks but shall pop into maplins to see what they have.