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Lighting recommendations for craft fair

(Claire Davis) #1

I’ve been asked this afternoon if I will attend the Christmas fair at Leicester Guildhall on Sunday, I applied but didn’t get in originally and now a space has come up so I’m on the list! Anyway, it’s all a bit last minute but the building can be a bit gloomy in parts (it’s very old which gives a good atmosphere but I don’t think ceiling lights were a priority when it was built 600 years ago!) so they’ve said I can bring a couple of lamps with me. The only lamp I’ve got is a wonky angle poise one I use in my workshop so I can’t really take that, please can anybody recommend something nice and bright, that doesn’t take up too much space - clip on would be brilliant - that I can go out and buy tomorrow? If all else fails I can nip to Wilko or the Range and get two more angle poise but thought I’d ask here first! x

(Stephanie Guy) #2

I went to a fair last night where a jewellery stall used white fairy lights in and around the items. They were very pretty and made the items shine.

(Sarah Lambert) #3

I got some battery powered led lights from M&S last year for a fiver to use on my craft stall,they were around 6 feet in length I think, not sure if they have them this year.

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Assuming you have access to electricity I’d recommend
clip to hold it to the table, bendable arm and a nice bright white light. I have one to illuminate my work bench.
good luck at the fair

(Claire Davis) #5

Thank you all for your replies. I actually went out this morning and got two clip on LED lights from Argos. @SashaGarrett, I looked at the John Lewis ones online last night and they were going to be my second choice if the Argos ones were no good. They are not too bad actually considering they were only £12.99 each and they’re quite compact. I might get a couple more in the future. I will bear the John Lewis one in mind for my workbench though as I don’t think the argos ones would be bright enough for that and my angle poise is seriously wonky and has to be propped up so will need replacing soon!