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How do I create a tabletop dark room display?

I want to make some tea light crafts to sell at craft fairs and thought the best way to show them is to somehow create a dark box and place them in it, with a peep hole so customers can look in.
The curiousity of whats in the box may draw people to my table.
All I can come up with in my head so far is a cardboard box with a hole in it. Not very appealing.
What else could I use?

Really not liking the idea of having a lit tea light in a box on a craft stall - it just screams fire hazard to me. Please look into battery operated tea light equivalents if you go ahead with this.

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I should have said that I meant Id use battery operated tea lights. .

Can you not have the box but instead of a peephole a gorgeous paper cut maybe if your logo or something which will look great lit up but then even better once they get in close??