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@bbcgetcreative on Twitter

I saw @bbcgetcreative on Twitter this morning. I think its more for things like singing, dancing and acting but we are creative too, (props, clothes etc have to be made ) so I used the @etc on my tweets this morning, pointing out that lots of us are already creative.
Did anybody else see it and use it?

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I didn’t see this but I think you had a good idea there. Sewing Bee notwithstanding, there’s so much media attention on people who sing and look pretty or who play sport that kids (especially girls) don’t seem to realize that there are other talents out there that are just as worthwhile. I will have a look and use the @etc later on today if I get the chance!

Love Sam x

Opps sorry, I wrote @etc coz I was too lazy to type @bbcgetcreative again. MAke sure you use @bbcgetcreative.

I just added a tweet to them including a Folksy mention. Every little helps. xx


I saw it too, but was under the impression it was for arts, culture and creativity so not just the performing side. Quite interesting to see, hopefully it’ll engage more people. :slight_smile:

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They had an alphabet of creativity and embroidery, my favourite, knitting and crochet were on it and they were asking for further suggestions