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Bead Storage

Has anyone found a really sturdy add- to system for storing beads. Mine are in all sorts of containers and I’d love to be organised enough to have them all together. The trouble is I find something that I think is just the ticket and then it’s not got enough compartments, so I really need something that can be added to.

Any hints or help would be gratefully received :blush:

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Hi Sarah,

I found some brilliant organiser boxes in Tesco they measure 38 x 30 x 5cm and have 18 different sized compartments in them. They are very sturdy and have a clickable system so they stack on top of each other. I have 4 now and I think they are £4.50 each can’t quite remember.


Thanks Dawn, I’ll look for them when I’m in Tesco, they sound like the sort of thing I’m looking for :smile:

I have bought some from home bargain’s which have been very good

Have you looked in your local DIY shop, they usually sell storage boxes in different sizes for things like nails & screws etc. which could probably be used for beads.

Not sure if we have that shop near us :slight_smile: i’ll have to look.

I’ve got a few of that sort of thing, but i really want some kind of system that I can add to, the sort of thing that stacks or clicks together.

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Home Bargain for us too, then labelled with the colour of bead.

you can move some of the compartment barriers too if you need a bigger space

and the colour you want is always right at the bottom of the pile :smiley:

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These look great , not come across Home Bargain before . Will have to look them up.

They are under a fiver each, if you would like I could pick you up a couple and send them on to you.

Thanks Rachel that is really kind, I have had a look and apparently we have one in Barnstaple (about an hour away) so I will have a look next time I’m there . I think I would need quite a lot of them to house my stash.
I currently use big clear plastic salad bowls per colour which works well but isn’t very tidy looking .

Yes they look good, thanks for posting a pic Rachel :smiley:

Home Bargains is spread far and wide but if anyone hasnt got access to the shop I dont mind posting the boxes out if anyone wants one or six :smile:

AwRachel how lovely of you :slight_smile: I just got a 3 for 2 in Sainsburys , worked out at £4 each and they all slot in together, just hoping that Sainsbury’s keep stocking them for when I need some more.

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