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How do you store your handmade jewellery?

I’m interested in how other jewellery makers store all their pieces while waiting for them to sell.

For space reasons I store mine in resealable bags with an anti-tarnish tab, but it’s not ideal as they tend to tangle up. Ideally the necklaces should be hanging, but I’ve yet to come across any compact storage solutions to do this.

Anyone have any clever ideas?


I bought some large plastic shoe boxes/storage boxes in Tesco. I lay all my necklaces flat with bubble wrap between each layer. My bracelets and earrings are kept in separate resealable bags (and then in a larger bag)

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Thanks Sam, that’s useful to know. I have lots of bubble wrap too!

I have my necklaces in zippy bags in a wicker box. And the rest of my jewellery is in one of those plastic three draw units you can get from Wilkinsons. A draw for bracelets a draw for earrings and each item is in its own bag. All the smaller items like bookmarks and keyring ect are in there individual bags in its marked box in the last draw.
They are very handy

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I use a similar system for storing my pieces, but always keep chains separate from pendants to avoid the tangling problem. The main thing is to prevent scratches and tarnish.

Love Sam x

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I also keep pendants separate from chains, it’s easier to keep track especially as I (mostly) offer a choice of chain/length with some of the pendants.

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I’ve never heard of anti tarnish tabs! Pewter doesn’t tarnish but the SP findings do- must get some…

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Thanks @hobbitgirlie1880. It sounds like sealable bags are a common solution! :slight_smile: When I get a bigger space I might look out for the plastic units.

Thanks Sam, keeping the chains separate is a good idea, I hadn’t thought of that!

Thanks Rhiannon, very useful, and a good idea to offer different length chains.

Thanks Christine, I only found the tabs a few months ago. I got mine from eBay.

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They are very handy. Especially when you have a small space. I only have a small flat and it sits in the corner nicely. Plusses keeps every thing in the same place.

I’ll take a look next time I’m at the shops, I need little persuasion to buy a new toy!

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Here’s my set up well half. I actually have two of these draws. Ones for stuff made ones for beads ect

It’s abit of a mess at moment. My friend was looking through it.last she came over and haven’t got round to putting everything back in its right place

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Re hanging necklaces, for my own necklaces I bought an inexpensive key cabinet and added some extra hooks- no good for long necklaces, but it keeps mine untangled and dust free.

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I have each item in a small plastic grip top bag with its name, date created and which shop it is in. These are then stored in cardboard boxes that are labeled alphabetically or with the item type on.

Forgive the orange photos but we have a new light in that room and every photo has an orange glow :frowning:

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That’s a good way of doing it.
Do you ever feel like you spend to much money of those resealable bag things? I do. I have resorted to using really old money bags today as I can’t find my actual bags.

My front room needs a big.tidy up.

Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 I got mine in bulk, I think I paid £6 for 1000 and its allowable as a business expense :smiley:

I didn’t know that Rachel @GreenwoodMakes . I’ll write that down so I remember it’s a business experience.
Were do you get your from?

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Christine @coatimundi, that’s a really good idea and those cabinets are probably quite slimline too.

Rachel @GreenwoodMakes, wow, I am impressed with your organisation! I haven’t yet reached the volume of pieces you have, but if I ever get close I hope I can be as organised as you :smile:

Good tip about the bags, I have so far got by with re-using the ones I get from ordering jewellery supplies.

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