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Been a challenge but now have a blog!

After a number of hours of working it out, I now have created and published my first blog post! It’s very basic and there is still lots to do not least adding links to my social media sites (that’s next on the ‘how to do’ list) but here it is. Would love some feedback and ideas on the best way to promoted it, if you have the time. Thanks.

I just this second added to my blog too, its very therapeutic I think, good to waffle about my crafts.

I like yours, very colourful. I think this is the first time I havnt uploaded 2 of the same picture. Its new to learn but youl get there soon.

Ive still no idea what Im doing but Ive been blogging for maybe 18months now.

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Just a quick look and it looks lovely. I’m also on blogger so if you have any questions about it just gimma a shout.

I would say that because your pictures are quite lovely you should make them a bit bigger.


Thanks for looking and offer of help! Will look at making the photos bigger on the next post.

Have you tweeted, facebooked and pinned using the options at the bottom of your blog? Itl be a way of getting your blog seen.

I am writing posts with links for FB and Twitter and pinning images from the blog to Pinterest to announce my new blog at the moment, could use the blog options for the next post, would save a lot of time! Thank you.

Just had a quick peek, looking good! :slight_smile:

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Thanks to all who have replied and taken a look at my new blog, stats show there have been quite a few of you! Encouraged now to plan the next post and develop it more! :smile:

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