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Being bought now

(Roz) #1

A plea to the powers that be @technogoggles, @sianfolksy. Please, please, please remove the being bought now slot from the FP.

Even though I have seen many discussions about this on here and am well aware that an item appearing in the being bought now slot does not necessarily mean the item is going to be bought it is still so disappointing when you see one of your items there only for no sale to go ahead!

I know people will say don’t look at the FP but it appears when I load Folksy and even if not consciously looking at it things do jump out at you - I also like to look at the items on the FP - get lots of present ideas I hadn’t thought of and like to explore new shops.

I’m not sure of the benefit of having this slot on the FP anyway although I suppose any exposure is better than none. My vote would be to do away with it but others may disagree.

(Joanne Joyce) #2

I for one disagree :slight_smile: I have logged on a few times and saw my item being bought but it hasn’t actually gone through into a sale but I like that you can see what people are putting into their basket.

(Susan Mochrie) #3

Looking forward to the week before Halloween when I always get about 5 sales to non payers for kitty ears headbands, lol!! Will look out on the front page that week!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

I started a thread like this quite a while ago - seems a lot of people just like being on the front page regardless of whether they get a sale. It still annoys me to have my hopes of a sale dashed.

In fact, some would call it false advertising. Folksy are ‘advertising’ ie intimating that these items are being bought. They;re not. They’re being out in a basket. Not the same thing at all.

If they either put the item on the front page when payment was made, or renamed that section ‘added to someone’s basket’ then fair enough. As it stands it is just plain annoying to think you have made a sale by seeing your item in that slot and then it not being true.

(Melanie Commins) #5

How about they change the way the shopping basket works instead?

Two birds, one stone. More work though.

(Sarah Eves) #6

Well, I quite like the ‘‘being bought now’’ slot.
Infact, my last purchase was made through seeing something on the being bought now slot :smile:

Sarah x

(Marg) #7

Sara, Dandelions Gallery, I think the idea of “in someone’s basket” is a good idea, it states exactly where in the purchase process the item is, I wonder if you liked the item whether you can put it in your basket and pay for it, or is it not available if it is in someone’s basket… Marg. x

(Roz) #8

If the “being bought now” slot is the equivalent to being in someones basket then the answer to your question is yes it is still available to buy. I think it is only removed from the shop once someone has hit the checkout button although that still doesn’t mean its sold as not all items are paid for!

(Birdandmonkey) #9

I logged on and my sister in laws item was being brought,I got really excited for her as she had only just started her shop.

(Thecraftycurioshop) #10

I also like the ‘being bought now’ slot. I recently had a sale (possibly even 2) through an item of mine being seen on the front page as ‘being bought now’. Any exposure on the front page must be good.