Folksy Ltd

2 items shown as "buying bought now" but sale not come through

Are customers just changing their mind or is there an issue?

If you are seeing the sales on the front page in the “being bought now” slot I think they appear there if someone puts something in their basket - you only get email notification and it gets removed from your shop if they proceed to checkout and then notification again once its paid for. Often people put things in their basket if they are trying to choose from several items or its even really easy to do by mistake if you are loving an item as the “love” button is next to the buy one. I wouldn’t get overly excited about an item appearing in the being bought now slot I’m afraid.

Yes I have gone to love an item and accidentally pressed the buy now and I have removed it and on the front page it shows as being brought now. Silly really

No problem, I just wondered as they were both today and I just happened to see them come up on the screen as I was having a browse :slight_smile: xx