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Birthday gift for Uncles 65th

Show me what you have got for my uncle’s 65th birthday on 18th September.

He was a bus/lorry/car mechanic by trade and has an interest in vintage vehicles.

Also open to anything ‘unusual’ which I wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Since he worked with vehicles he might appreciate some fordite - its made from layers of car paint that built up in the old spray booths (normally in the ford plants hence the name) before they changed the method of painting in the mid 80s. At the moment I have some cufflinks in my shop but if he is not a cufflink sort of person then I have some unset pieces in the stash that would be suitable for a keyfob which could be done by his birthday.


I don’t really have ‘manly’ things in my shop, but my husband does (but doesn’t use the forums), so I’ll share some of his things x

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Just remembered that the previous keyfob I made was a commission on folksy so I can put a link in to that so you can see what they are potentially like

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I could do you a personalised word art picture Carol with your own family words, I draw all my own artwork papercuts and backgrounds sp could easily draw a vintage car outline or truck, any colour and words too.

Not got any cards but you can see some dogs :wink:

alternative is a scrapbook/photo album yu could fill with family pictures

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