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Help needed for present ideas

(GiftsWithGlitz) #1

It’s my husbands birthday in 2 weeks and am looking for a unique gift for him.

(Sasha Garrett) #2

What sort of budget and what are his interests?

(GiftsWithGlitz) #3

I don’t mind how much I spend I just want something thoughtful and unique

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Well in that case…

fordite is layers of cured car paint from the old spray booths at ford factories so it proves very popular with men (especially the ex boy racers or car nuts). I’ve been thinking about doing cufflinks where one is a piece of fordite and the other is a car number plate as I’ve almost run out of pairs and that would allow people to customise them.

(Andie) #5

These are in my husband’s shop x

(Samantha Stanley) #6

Thanks Sasha!

I have seen fordite on some websites and wondered what it was! I bet this is popular with the boys :wink:!!!

(Roz) #7

Sadly nothing in my shop is really geared towards men but @RGPens has some fabulous pens and there are some lovely shops that do mens jewellery.

(PaulsJewels) #8

Book fold with date of birth on it? Jewellery in more manly tones as a custom order if he wears any? Something with your face on it so he knows how lucky he is thats something i would give my other half as a gag gift

(Minerva) #9

I have this beautiful tie, hand knitted in Scottish wool…

(Minerva) #10

And some other things I make for men…

(Phoenixprojects) #11

If he likes sailing or the great outdoors, I have this painting…

(Jennifer Combes) #12

I make some prints you might like, can personalise for whatever you need :slight_smile:

(Detola and Geek) #13

Man cave decor maybe? :raising_hand:

(Sandra June) #14

How about something like this

As I am not new but have been off Folksy for about 3-4 years it all seems ‘new’ again. Currently, very slowly,I am listing more of these qote coasters.

(Sasha Garrett) #15

Men love fordite because it reminds them of the escort/ cortina/ capri they had when they were younger whilst women love it for the patterns and colours (some of which are sparkly, my photos don’t do it justice). I’ve loved it for years and wish it was easier to get hold of within the UK (it would get really expensive buying it from the US).

(Hollie Eccles) #16

(JanetPearl) #17

Personalized Laptop/Tablet bag? (that’s what I make)
By the way, we have anniversary in 2 weeks and his birthday is in 3 weeks. And I have no ideas for both presents too.
Sorry for the pic quality, this is one of the reasons my store is not set up yet…

(JanetPearl) #18

@GiftsWithGlitz, ok, may be I just found one idea. Lovely frame from your store (for anniversary)

(GiftsWithGlitz) #19

Thank you very much

(Heidi Mellan) #20

Hi, if he has a quirky sense of humour how about a tentacle scarf? This teal coloured one is ready to ship or I have another in orange that is ready to go.