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Block Printing on Canvas Bags - Feedback or Advice on Improving Print Quality?


I have a linocut image I’ve been trying to print onto some canvas bags using Speedball Fabric ink. I have two types of bags I’ve tested the print on: 1) a thinner, cheaper bag made of a smooth cotton fabric and 2) thicker, better quality bag made of a rough canvas fabric. Ultimately I might just have to go with a smoother fabric bag but I have a stack of the canvas bags so tying to see if I can make this work! I would like the image to be darker and more opaque and I’m just not sure what to try next. I would appreciate any feedback or advice.

Here are some photos:

The first photo is of the best print I’ve gotten so far on the rough canvas bag. The bright blue image is printed on the smoother, cheaper bag. The four together are test prints on pieces of rough canvas, some of which I gave a light wash before printing on and some I painted on a coat of gesso before printing…

Thanks for taking the time to look and share any insight you might have!


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Its been a long, long time since I did any block printing and even then it was on textured paper rather than fabric but if memory serves the results varied depending on the amount of paint I had on the block and the amount and evenness of the pressure I applied (the less paint on the block the harder I had to press and I had to remember to press in the middle as much as I did on the edges). I’m sure the others will be along with more up to date tips.
However as a consumer I like the variations in the prints, shows that it has been hand done rather than mass printed by a commercial company.
Good luck.


I like these bags with the softer, more vintage look that you have been achieving so far. Do you think that a solid print is really the best way to go? I can see that D would probably have to be a second, but all of the others look great.

Sam x

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I also like this look, rather than a solid block of colour :slight_smile:

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I appreciate your feedback! I don’t know for sure I should be going for a darker image… I’m new at this. :slight_smile: It seemed like that’s what it should be but I might be a bit hung up on what it looks like on paper vs. the canvas. Time to adjust my expectations maybe…

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If you list some bags in both fabrics, you can see which shoppers on Folksy like the best.

Sam x