Folksy Ltd

British Crafters Shopping Event tonight! 7pm to 10pm

(Susan Bonnar) #1

Come and promote your Folksy shop! Or do some shopping!

We have wine!

Dottie x

(Christine Shephard) #2

On my way…did someone say ‘wine’?? :smile:

(Samantha Stanley) #3

Thanks for sharing! I liked British Crafters’ page and left a link to my own FB page

Love Sam x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #4

Starting to wish I was on fb.

(Susan Bonnar) #5

Ah you should be @hobbitgirlie1880! I will put something of yours on there for you anyway! Don’t want you to miss out! Hope it brings some shoppers your way x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #6

Awwwwww thank you. Your a star.

(Julie Maginn) #7

I’m not on fb either and I’m not entirely sure what any of this means!!! I tried the link but didn’t get anywhere!!

(Susan Bonnar) #8

@DewDropCrafts Love your shop!

Just added this to our shopping evening Do let me know if it brings you some shoppers!

Dottie x

(Julie Maginn) #9

Thank you so much. I will. xx

(Rosesworkshop) #10

Oh bother I forgot! I hope you all had a lovely time and not too much wine :slight_smile:

(GiftsWithGlitz) #11

Next year I am joining you all on face book I have decided