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British Crafters - Shopping event tonight 7pm to 10pm Come & promote your Folksy shop!

(Susan Bonnar) #1

Shopping event tonight 5pm to 8pm!

Lots of sales already!

Come on over!

PS That’s not me trying to sell stuff, it’s me trying to help you sell your stuff!

(Amberlilly) #2

Looks like you are all booked up now ?

(Claire Mead) #3

Thanks, I’ve been and put my link down just in case - you never know. Thanks again

(Susan Bonnar) #4

You just needed to add your make to the post pinned to the page top. Have popped one of your Fb posts onto the page now for you.

We will have another in December!

Yes, we are fully booked up for promo now until 2016 :smile:

(Susan Bonnar) #5

Have popped you on now! We ask for FB links as it makes it easier to share. Obviously your fb post can link to your Folksy shop!

(Susan Bonnar) #6

Don’t forget that we run Mon to Fri and have a post pinned to the page top for you to add your link to. Sales have been really high in the last few weeks so do come & join in!

Bookings are closed now for this year but there is a code EARLYBIRD10 for 10% discount off 2016 bookings. Valid until 30/11 at

(Claire Mead) #7

Thanks very much for adding me tonight

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(Amberlilly) #8

Oh thanks @dottiedesignsvery good of you, will look into your next promo. :grinning:

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(Susan Bonnar) #9

You are both very welcome x

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(Christine E.) #10

Hi Dottie,
Facebook is a mystery to me! I put a photo from my Facebook page onto British Crafters but it was enormous and looked like I was trying to take over! So I managed to remove the photo and just leave the link, but it only linked to a giant photograph. So I put a link to my shop underneath. Obviously this isn’t the way to do it. Can you tell me the right way to go about it because I’m such a dummy! Thanks!

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(Susan Bonnar) #11

Hello! You need to double click on an image on FB and then copy and paste the url into the list. It should come up with a little preview photo. Have a try - if it doesn’t work I can just delete it for you!

Will pop something from your shop on now anyway!

Dottie x

(Christine E.) #12

Thanks, Susan! I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

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(JuliaYorkDesigns) #13


This sounds as if it should be good but I’m unsure what you’re all talking about… :smile:

Is it rude of me to ask ?


(Susan Bonnar) #14

Hi @JuliaYorkDesigns

Did you look at the Fb page? We help people to promote their work

Pop over and have a look - you can get more details via the “About us” bit on fb too!

Not rude at all!

Dottie x

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #15

Thank you. I’ve been reading through the Facebook page. I’ll read it again tomorrow when I’m more awake. It’s been a long dayyyyyy!