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British scones recipe?

(Minerva) #1

I love scones, I can eat them everyday! I’ve never made them myself but I’d like to try. It would be fun to try.
Does anyone have a recipe for scones they don’t mind sharing?

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #2

Here’s a great recipe - and it won Kirstie Allsopp a prize!

(Minerva) #3

Interesting. I’ll try it. Thanks!

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #4

here is mine
8oz Self raising flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 Tablespoons caster sugar
2 oz margarine
2oz sultanas
1/4 pint milk approximately

Mix flour/salt/baking powder/sugar/ then rub in marg
add sultanas and then milk to make a soft dough.
Knead lightly into round shape on floured board and roll out to 1/2 in to 1in thick and cut with a 2 1/2 in cutter. Brush with milk and bake at 220 degrees conventional oven or 200 fan for approximately 10 - 15 minutes until golden brown.
I use a mixer
Can add 1 level teaspoon cinnamin at beginning if liked
can omit fruit
I make double the quantity and freeze them
If dough is a bit sticky I use more flour when kneading it
Also have milk at room temperature and think full fat milk is better but I use semi skin

PS How do you do a degree sign on your computer?

(Minerva) #5

I love sultanas in them, will definitely try this one too.

I don’t know how to do degrees. I copy paste from another text. Here: 220°

(Elaine) #6

I love scones too and recently wrote up the recipe I use on my blog - the link’s below. I started to replace the milk with buttermilk as my hubby had some left over when baking soda bread. It made a big difference to the taste of the scones and we love them even more now.


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